Dutch Cavy Club Annual Stock Show  Loughborough  9th December 2012.

No of Exhibits 25.  Judge: Allan Trigg

RED BOAR ADULT (2): 1st Gary Clark. Balanced but heavy cheeks. Sound ears Nice saddle.  Fair undercut. Good length stops. Wins ears, stops and presentation. 2nd Palace Cavies. Fairly good cheeks, slightly odd. Tip ear. Nice Saddle. Quite good undercut. Toe stops. Good colour. Sticky at rear.

RED SOW ADULT (2):  1st Amy Heale. Little untidy cheeks. Sound ears. Nice saddle. Quite good undercut. Nice stops.  2nd Stuart Inch.  One heavy cheek. Sound ears. Nice saddle. Dips undercut. Odd stops. Handles soft.

BLACK ADULT (1)  Absent.

CHOCOLATE ADULT (2): 1st & 2nd Amy Heale. Impressive boar leading. Nice cheeks. Sound ears. Nice saddle. Quite good undercut. Toe stops. Best Dutch. 2nd  Noted sow. Well marked but not at her best today and  cyst under spoils.

CREAM ADULT (3): 1st,2nd,3rd. Alan Wilson. All sows. 1st Quite good cheeks. Sound ears bar edges! Fair saddle and undercut. Odd stops. 2nd Quite nice cheeks. Flesh ear. Nice saddle Out undercut. Very short stops. 3rd One heavy cheeks drags. Nice ears. Nice cut to saddle but far back. Odd stops. White hairs hock.

GOLDEN AGOUTI ADULT (1):  1st Palace Cavies. Boar.  Nice cheeks. Tipped ear. Slight wave to saddle. Good undercut. Short toe stops.  Pleasing colour and a nice example of the breed.

SILVER AGOUTI ADULT (2): 1st G. W.Godfrey. A sweet sow with neat cheeks. Very slight tip to ear. Nice saddle.  Odd stops. Pity about the undercut but still a nice exhibit. 2nd Palace Cavies. Boar. Balanced, heavy cheeks with slight pigment nose/mouth. Fair blaze and saddle. Odd stops. Dark colour. Fair coat (guard hairs).

CHALL RED ADULT (4) : 1st Amy Heale. 2nd Gary Clark. 3rd Palace Cavies. Res. Stuart Inch.

CHALL AOC ADULT (9): 1st Amy Heale. 2nd Palace Cavies. 3rd G.W. Godfrey. Res Alan Wilson.

CHALL A.C. ADULT (13): 1st. 2nd Amy Heale. 3rd Gary Clark. Res. Palace Cavies.

RED SOW 5/8 MTHS (2): 1st Palace Cavies. Heavy one cheek. Sound ears but chipped edges. Quite good saddle if shade far back. Nice length stops. Few white hairs hock. 2nd Barnard & Monk. Heavy drag to cheek and neck. Sound ears. Nice cut to saddle and undercut. Fair stops. Poor colour spoils.

BLACK 5/8 MTHS (1): Absent.

GOLDEN AGOUTI 5/8 MTHS (2): 1st withheld. 2nd Palace Cavies. Pronounced swirl under spoils. Once a disqualification but still a serious fault.

CHOCOLATE AGOUTI 5/8 MTHS (2): 1st & 2nd Madelaine Coomber.Best for colour, undercut and stops Heavy Cheek spoils and a fair pig. 2nd A pleasing sow but light in colour. Out undercut and stops spoil. White hairs hock.

CHALL RED 5/8 MTHS (2): 1st Palace Cavies. 2nd Barnard & Monk.

CHALL A.O.C 5/8 MTHS (4) 1st & 2nd Madelaine Coomber. 3rd Palace Cavies.

CHALL A.C. 5/8MTHS (6): 1st Palace Cavies. 2nd & 3rd Madelaine Coomber. Res Barnard & Monk.

RED SOW U/5 MTHS (2): 1st Amy Heale. Nice cheeks if perhaps a trifle heavy.  Sound ears. Quite good saddle and undercut. Good stops. Nice all round and a promising youngster. Pen 244 Absent.

BLACK U/5MTHS (1): 1st Stuart Inch. Boar. Nice cheeks and blaze bar a few stray hairs. Sound ears. Nice cut to saddle and undercut but far back. Level toe stops.

CINNAMON AGOUTI U/5 MTHS(1)  1st Madelaine Coomber. Nice to see this colour albeit of only moderate quality. Odd cheeks and flesh ears spoil but nice stops. Allowed to stay on the table but rather young.

SILVER AGOUTI U/5MTHS (1): 1st G. W. Godfrey. Short/high one cheek & tipped ear. Nice blaze and colour. Skew saddle and undercut. Odd stops.

CHALL RED U/5 MTHS (2): 1st Amy Heale.

CHALL AOC U/5 MTHS (3)  1st Stuart Inch 2nd G.W. Godfrey. 3rd Madelaine Coomber.

CHALL AC U/5 MTHS (5) 1st Amy Heale. 2nd Stuart Inch. 3rd G.W. Godfrey. Res. Madelaine Coomber.

GRAND CHALLENGE AC AA (24)  1st, 2nd, 3rd Amy Heale Res. Gary Clark.

CHALL BOAR AC AA (9) 1st Amy Heale. 2nd Gary Clark 3rd Palace Cavies Res. Stuart Inch.

CHALL SOW AC AA(15) 1st & 2nd Amy Heale. 3rd G.W. Godfrey. Res. Palace Cavies.

E M ELWARD NEWCOMERS CLASS (1) 1st Barnard & Monk.

NEW COLOUR AA (1)  Sorry but No Award as not my idea of a New Colour.  I simply saw this as a Buff cum Dark Cream or vice versa. Another day, I could see a silly situation where I could be considering the same shade as a Dark Cream in one class and then later as a Buff in the New Colour class.  Also, the coat under needs watching as thinning from armpits could be a problem.