Midlands Area Stock Show

Venue: Birmingham Cavy Club

Date: 12/03/2017

Judge: Gary Clark

BIS: Andrea Gallagher's Red Sow U/5


‘A huge thanks to the Birmingham CC for hosting the Dutch Midlands area stock show, with thanks to Margaret and her team for their hospitality at this very friendly club. 

There were some very nice Dutch on display today, of note was the 5/8 Red boar shown by Sarah Bennett. Good overall markings and quite well balanced. An adult black shown by Luke Holmes was another worthy winner of its class, a few minor faults stopped this pig going further in the challenges. Heale & Davies dominated the challenges with a very strong team of reds and chocolate, taking a well deserved 2. and 3. in the Grand challenge led by a very nice u/5 Chocolate boar, I look forward to seeing this pig in the future as he can only improve with age. My best today was a lovely u/5 red shown by Andrea Gallagher. For a baby this pig held itself very well, the saddle was well up and exactly where you want it to be. Nice stops, very nice balanced cheeks which gave a very good blaze, good colour with excellent depth which gave this little sow the edge on the day. Well done Andrea.

Thank you to my stewards who stuck with me all day and a special thanks to my book steward Grace Taylor who kept me on track throughout the day.'


D1 Red Boar adult (2):1. Sarah Bennett, 2. Sarah Bennett

D2 Red Sow adult (1): 1. Sarah Bennett

D3 Black adult (2): 1. Luke Holmes, 2. Luke Holmes

D4 Chocolate adult (5): 1. Heale & Davies, 2. Luke Holmes, 3. Luke Holmes

D7 Golden Agouti adult (2): 1. Madelaine Coomber, 2. absent

D14 Adult Challenge (12): 1. Heale & Davies (choc), 2. Luke Holmes (black) 3. Sarah Bennett (red sow)


D15 Red Boar 5-8 (3): 1. Sarah Bennett, 2. Heale & Davies, 3. Sarah Bennett

D16 Red Sow 5-8 (1): Tegan Hogan

D17 Black 5-8 (1): 1. Mike Bebbington

D18 Chocolate 5-8 (2) 1. Heale & Davies, 2. Madelaine Coomber

D20 Cinnamon Agouti 5-8 (1): 1. Madelaine Coomber

D21 Golden Agouti 5-8 (1): 1. Sarah Bennett

D28 5-8 Challenge (9): 1. Sarah Bennett (red boar), 2. Heale &Davies (Choc) 3. Heale & Davies (red boar)

D29 Red Boar u/5 (1): absent

D30 Red Sow u/5 (2): 1. Andrea Gallagher 2. Andrea Gallagher

D32 Chocolate U/5 (1): 1. Heale & Davies

D42 u/5 Challenge (4): 1st Andrea Gallagher (red sow) 2nd Heale & Davies (choc) 3rd Andrea Gallagher (red sow)

D43 Juvenile 5-8 (1): 1. Tegan Hogan

D46 Juvenile AA (1): 1. Tegan Hogan


D47 Grand Challenge (25):  1. Andrea Gallagher u/5 Red sow

2. Heale & Davies u/5 Choc boar

3. Heale & Davies Adult Choc Boar

4. Sarah Bennett Red 5-8 boar


D48 Boar Challenge: 1. Heale & Davies' u/5 Chocolate Boar

D49 Sow Challenge: 1. Andrea Gallagher u/5 red sow

D50 Margaret Elward Newcomers class (1): 1. Tegan Hogan  

Judge Gary Clark with Grace Taylor on the book

 Judge Gary Clark 

BIS - Andrea Gallagher U/5 Red Sow

BIS - Andrea Gallagher U/5 Red Sow

Best 5/8 - Sarah Bennett Red

BIS Line up
1. Andrea Gallagher's Red U/5
2. Heale & Davies' Chocolate U/5
3. Heale & Davies' Chocolate Adult    

Best Juvenile & New Comer - Tegan Hogan

Best Adult line up
1. Heale & Davies' Chocoalte Boar 
2. Luke Holmes' Black 
3. Sarah Jane Splatt Bennett's Red