Cornish Championship show

South West Area Show


Judge: Peter Wardman


BIS: Luke Holmes’ Adult Chocolate Sow ‘Holly’


‘It is always a pleasure to judge Dutch. Thank you Amy for asking me.

Adult Red

1.    Alan Willson, good shape and condition very good head and eye far ear, pinched on right cheek and drag on left, even toe stops, out of line centre saddle.

2. Bridget Treloar. very good condition nice shape good head eye ear, slight pull top        line, even stops, slight drag on chest, brindling left cheek.

3. Sarah Bennet Small but good condition, prep would have helped with saddle line, short even stops, good under cut, dragged cheeks.


Adult AOC:

1.    Luke Holmes, Chocolate, good shape & condition lovely coat good head eye ear, slight slip saddle even stops nice undercut well shown.


2.    Wilmot Goldsworthy Black, good shape size and condition, drag on right cheek, good head eye ear, good saddle, uneven under.


3.     Wilmot Goldsworthy, Black, good condition nice size, slight twist on saddle, uneven stops.



 5/8 AC Challenge:

1.    Luke Holmes, Black, very fit lovely shape well shown, slight twist on saddle drag on cheek short even stops, lovely pig.


2.     Luke Holmes, Chocolate, good shape and condition, good saddle and undercut, even stops heavy but even cheeks well shown.


3.     Sarah Bennet, Red, good condition and shape slight twist on saddle, good undercut needs a manicure, uneven right cheek.


U/5 AC Challenge:

1.     Sarah Bennet, Red, slight twist on saddle, quite even cheeks, slight twist undercut, even toe stops.


2.     Sarah Bennet Golden Agouti, nice shape, even chops slipped undercut good even stops slight twist on saddle good head eye ear. 


3.     Sarah again, Red, even cheeks slip undercut good even stops twist on saddle.

Luke Holmes adult Chocolate went on to win a deserved BIS

Best Juvenile and new member Tegan Holmes well shown 5/8 red needs time to fill out’