Show: Northern Area

Date: 10th June 2018

Venue: Cumbria Cavy Club

Judge: Luke Holmes 

Entries: 25

BIS: Heale & Davies' Adult Chocolate boar

I would like to thank the Dutch CC for inviting me to be on the judging panel. This was my maiden voyage judging for the club having exhibited Dutch for nearly 20 years. Hopefully I will be allowed to judge again! Also thanks to Sam and the Cumbria CC team for a warm welcome at a hall in an ideal location near the M6 and within the beautiful Lake District. The lovely lunch was an added bonus.

Exhibits on the whole were of good quality although some could have had more preparation. With 25 pigs in total I was not mentally prepared for 7 pigs in the Adult Red Boar breed class! It was good to see 6 colours on display although Reds were the most well supported.

Red Boar Adult (7):
1. Chris Pearson
2. Heale & Davies
3. Kevin Hopkins
4. Heale & Davies

Red Sow Adult (4) (plus 1 absent): 
1. Andrea Gallagher
2. Alan Wilson
3. Kevin Hopkins
4. Alan Wilson

Black Adult (4): 
1. Brian Leiper
2. Brian Lieper
3. Voodoo Cavies
4. DQ

Chocolate Adult (1): 
1. Heale & Davies

Cream Adult (1): 
1. Alan Wilson

Challenge Red Adult (11):

1. Chris Pearson (Boar)
2. Heal & Davies (Boar)
3. Andrea Gallagher (Sow)
4. Alan Wilson (Sow)

Challenge AOC Adult (6):
1. Heale & Davies
2. Brian Leiper
3. Alan Wilson
4. Brian Lieper

Challenge AC Adult (17):
1. Heale & Davies with their Chocolate Boar. Lovely type, colour and coat. Great head markings, saddle and even stops. Well prepared.
2. Chris Pearson with his Red Boar. Pig in his veteran years but excellent markings with only a dip under to fault. I later found out this was Chris' Champion "Harold". What a grand pig- just showing his age a little today.
3. Heale & Davies with their Red Boar. Similar markings to runner up just slightly uneven on cheeks.
4. Andrea Gallagher with a Red Sow. Excellent type, shape and coat. Well balanced but white hairs on her hock spoiled a little.

Challenge AC 5/8 (4):
1. Andrea Gallagher with a Red Boar. Generally well marked although slightly uneven cheeks. Good colour. More preparation would have enchanced his good qualities.
2. Heale & Davies with a Red Sow. Good profile with an even colour. Well balanced except for a step under.
3. Kevin Hopkins with a Red Sow. A young 5/8. Similar to runner up just needs more time.
4. Finlaggan Stud with a Cinnamon Agouti Sow. Well balanced but very heavy cheeks including run to smellers.

Challenge AC U/5 (4):
1. Kevin Hopkins with a Red Sow. Loved this pig. Lovely markings, coat and colour. Only negative was a slight step under and high ears. Forgave her for being jumpy as the thunder started just as I started judging the U/5s! Did well to split some top Adults in the Grand Challenge.
2. Kevin Hopkins with a Red Sow. Less balanced markings than winner. Otherwise nice.
3. Brian Leiper with a Black Boar. Not quite the markings of the reds today but lovely coat and colour.
4. Heale & Davies with a Golden Agouti Sow. Lovely coat and profile but could not compete with the others on markings today.

Grand Challenge AC AA (25):
1. Heale & Davies' Adult Chocolate Boar
2. Chris Pearson's Adult Red Boar
3. Kevin Hopkins' U/5 Red Sow
4. Heale & Davies' Adult Red Boar

Margaret Elward Newcomers Class (2):
1 . Voodoo Cavies' Black Adult Boar
2. Finlaggan Stud's Cinnamon 5/8 Sow

A final thank you to Pam for keeping my book in order and my stewards, particularly Andrea and Lucy.