Northern Area Stock Show - Cumbria CC 

13 Aug 

32 exhibits

BIS: Andrea Gallagher's Red adult

  Judge: Graham Godfrey 

'A really good entry today at one of my favourite venues set in the lovely Lake District. Really good quality pigs on display and a pleasure to judge them all. Leading the way was Andrea Gallagher's lovely Red sow just heading Alan Wilson's beautifully balanced Cream. Hopefully we will be invited back for another stock show and I thoroughly recommend this lovely venue, especially if it can be combined with a few days break to enjoy the lovely scenery. Many thanks to Sam and the team for a really lovely day.

Red Adult Chall: 1. Andrea Gallagher, sow. Nice coat, saddle and under. Nice stops and cheeks. 2. Andrea Gallagher, boar. Shade high one ear, good saddle under and cheeks, fair stops. 3. Chris Pearson, sow. Slight flesh tip, nice cheeks, saddle and under.

AOC Adult Chall: 1. Alan Wilson, Cream. Very nice saddle, under, cheeks and ear. Very short even stops, super balance. 2. Heale & Davies, Chocolate. Nice saddle, cheeks, stops, fair under. 3. Mike Bebbington, Black. Shade odd stops, fair saddle and under.

AC Adult Chall: 1. Andrea Gallagher, Red sow. 2. Alan Wilson, Cream boar. 3. Andrea Gallagher, Red boar.

AC Chall 5-8: 1. Heale & Davies, Chocolate. Level stops, nice saddle, cheeks and ears, fair under. 2. Heale & Davies, Red boar.

Red U/5 Chall: 1. K. Hopkins, boar. Nice stops, saddle and under, shade light on cheeks. 2. K. Hopkins, sow.

AOC U/5 Chall: 1. Andrea Gallagher, Chocolate. Level toe stops, nice cheeks, saddle, under and ear. 2. Roy Wearmouth, Black. Level toe stops, nice cheeks, saddle, fair under. 3. Brian Leiper, Black.

AC U/5 Chall: 1. K. Hopkins, Red boar. 2. Andrea Gallagher, Chocolate. 3. Roy Wearmouth, Black.

Grand Chall: Andrea Gallagher, Red adult sow. 2. Alan Wilson, Cream adult. 3. Heale & Davies Chocolate 5-8.'



 Photos: Tamar Hopkins 

 Judge: Graham Godfrey

  BIS: Andrea Gallagher

BIS Line up - 
1. Andrea Gallagher' Adult Red
2. Alan Wilson;s Adult Cream 
3. Heale & Davies' 5-8 Choc 
4. Kevin Hopkins' U/5 Red 

Best Cream & 2nd BIS: Alan Wilson

 Best AOC: Alan Wilson's Buff

 Best Newcomer & Best Cinnamon Agouti
- Finlaggan - Pam Gardner

 Best U/5 & 4th BIS: Kevin Hopkins 

 1 & 2 AOC Adult:

1. Alan Wilson's Cream 

2. Heale & Davies' Choc  

1 & 2 Adult AC

1. Andrea Gallagher's Red

2. Alan Wilson's Cream


 A Cheeky Black!

 Best Cream & Best Buff together.