Show: South West Area

Date: 10th February 2018

Venue: Devon Cavy Club 

Judge: Alan Wilson

Entries: 30

BIS: Heale & Davies' Adult Red Dutch boar ‘Trelawney's Trevor'


Today's best in Show was a lovely adult red boar sow bred by Heale & Davies which just edged it from a very nice U/5 from Sarah Bennett (with a perfect positioned saddle). The winning exhibit was a good all round pig stood ahead of the others for fitness and good grooming. Once again red classes were strong and well supported. Well done Amy and Sarah.

I thought an entry of 30 exhibits was a good number in our first DDC stock show after what seems a long winter break.  I noted the unusually high number of boars on display and a good mix of colours. Encouraging to see a good range of agoutis.

This was Devon Cavy Club's first show at the hall in Broadclyst and it was well run and good car park, catering and space to display. Well worth a visit. Thanks to Sarah for doing the books despite being under the weather and to the friendliness of all the exhibitors.


Red Adult Boar

 1. Heale & Davies, Nice bold fit pig with excellent blaze, cheeks, ears, good saddle and under odd stops. Slight skew in saddle Well groomed

2. Heale & Davies, Slightly uneven blaze, even cheeks good saddle short even stops, slight dip under well groomed

3. Sarah Bennett, Excellent face, high ears, short even stops, heavy cheeks with slight drag   

4. Tegan Hogan, Excellent blaze, saddle with slight skew, odd stops and dip under 


Red Adult Sow

1. Sarah Bennett, Nice blaze, but cheeks, light one side. Good ears low saddle and uneven stops ,  

2. Barbara Norman, Uneven cheeks with run to mouth. Nice ears, saddle and under. Short even stops. Good type  


Challenge Red Adult B/S

1. Heale & Davies (B)

2. Heale & Davies (B)    

3. Sarah Bennett (S)                         

4. Barbara Norman (S)


Black Adult B/S

1. Wilmot Goldsworthy, Good face ears and but saddle slightly low. Well groomed, odd stops

2. Luke Holmes,  Nice type, Nice type, blaze, with even cheeks Slight skew saddle with two short even stops well groomed ,

3. Luke Holmes, Poor blaze with colour on nose. Heavy cheeks. Good saddle and under 

4. No award, Very heavy flesh ear on light cheeked pig. Dip under. Short even stops 


Chocolate Adult B/S

1. Heale & Davies, Excellent blaze very good cheeks but a little heavy one side. Saddle on the low side with short even stops


Cinnamon Agouti Adult B/S

1. Charlotte Child, Narrow messy blaze and heavy cheeks with drag. Good sadly and definition under with odd stops and high ears 

2. Sarah Bennett, Uneven cheeks and blaze, drag one side. One stops the other hairs. A thin pig for an adult


Golden Agouti Adult B/S

1. Sarah Bennett, Even blaze , slightly short, good cheeks, saddle, under and ears. Good colour demarcation  


Challenge AOC Adult

1. Wilmot Goldsworth  (Black)  

2. Sarah Bennett (Golden Agouti)

3. Luke Holmes (Black)

4. Heale & Davies (Choc)


Challenge Adult AC B /S

1. Heale & Davies (Red)

2. Wilmot Goldsworthy (Black)

3. Sarah Bennett (Golden Agouti)               

4. Heale & Davies (Red)


Red 5-8 Boar 

1. Sarah Bennett, Nice face, good cheeks and ears Long on one stop and short on other. Low saddle

2. Tegan Hogan, Unbalanced blaze, and untidy cheeks. Heavy drag on one side, Good undercut and stops    


Red 5-8 Sow

1. Bridget Treloar, Slightly uneven blaze and cheeks with heavy flesh ear Nice saddle with dip under and odd stops 


Challenge Red 5-8

1. Sarah Bennett (B)      

2. Bridget Treloar (S)     

3. Tegan Hogan (B) 


Black 5-8 B/S

1. Wilmot Goldsworthy, Good blaze cheeks and ears. Even saddle but low. Good under. One very short toe stop one long 


Golden Agouti 5-8

1. Sarah Bennett, Uneven cheeks good saddle and under odd stops


Challenge AOC 5-8

1. Wilmot Goldswothy (Black)

2. Sarah Bennett (Golden Agouti)


Challenge AC 5-8

1. Sarah Bennett (Red)

2. Wilmot Goldsworthy (Black)

3. Bridget Treloar (Red)                   

4. Sarah Bennett (Golden Agouti)           


Red U/5 Boar

1. Sarah Bennett, Good perfect positioned blaze, and cheeks. Good ears. Outstanding position of saddle, two short even stops and slight dip under. Very nice pig all round   

2. Sarah Bennett, Good blaze and cheeks slightly uneven and heavy Good stops but some flesh ear 

3. Sarah Bennett, Nice blaze but uneven cheeks that are not complete. Saddle ok but skewed. Good under and stops   


Red U/5 Sow

1. Sarah Bennett, Very uneven cheeks and high uneven saddle scruffy under and only hairs make stops

2. Tegan Hogan Nice wide blaze but uneven cheeks with drag. Heavy skew on saddle with major step under


Challenge Red U/5

1. Sarah Bennett (Boar)

2. Sarah Bennett (Boar)               

3. Sarah Bennett (Sow)    

4. Tegan Hogan (Sow)


Back U/5 B/S

1. Wilmot Goldsworthy, Wonky blaze and uneven heavy cheeks. Skew saddle two good stops


Chocolate U/5 B/S

1. Sarah Bennett, Colour in blaze to smellers and mouth, cheeks heavy but even. Low skew sadly good under but short stops  

2. Sarah Bennett, Nice blaze heavy run to mouth, low saddle and  od stops

3. Sarah Bennett, Uneven cheeks, low saddle uneven stops 

4. Sarah Bennett, Short blaze, light cheeks flesh ear good saddle and under but short even stops


Chocolate Agouti U/5 B/S

1. Luke Holmes, Nice fit pig. Uneven cheeks, good ears good saddle and under. Two short stops


Challenge AOC U/5

1. Wilmot Goldsworthy (Black)

2. Luke Homes (Chocolate Agouti)

3. Sarah Bennett (Chocolate)        

4. Sarah Bennett (Chocolate)    


Challenge U/5 A/C B/S

1. Sarah Bennett (Red) 

2. Sarah Bennett (Red) 

3. Wilmot Goldsworthy (Black)

4. Luke Holmes (Chocolate Agouti)


Junior AC Adult 

1. Tegan Hogan    

Junior 5-8

1. Tegan Hogan    

Junior U/5

1. Tegan Hogan    

Junior Challenge AA

All Tegan Hogan's 1. Adult, 2. 5-8, 3. U/5.


Grand Challenge AC AA

1. Heale & Davies (Red Adult) -  Well done and very close call with the runner up

2. Sarah Bennett (Red U/5)        

3. Wilmot Goldsworthy (Black Adult)       

4. Sarah Bennett (Red U/5)


MEM Class Newcomers 

1. Charlotte Child (Cinnamon Agouti)