Chris Peachey

Another phone call and some more sad news received as it was on Boxing Day that Fred Holmes phoned me to tell that Chris Peachey had died on Christmas Day whilst in Cornwall with relatives.

Chris took over from me as Dutch Cavy Club Secretary in January 2006. She proved to be a good choice for the position and, along with her friend Jo Harding, made a good fist of things, keeping on top of club matters and attending the DCC shows whenever possible. Unfortunately she, (like her successor, Maggie McKay), was rather subject to 'niggles' within the Club and so she decided to resign in December 2009. Otherwise, I suspect she could have stayed in office much longer and, thankfully, I'm pleased to say that club morale is a lot better now.

As a Dutch exhibitor, her Razzmatazz Stud was most successful taking the Top Red Dutch Exhibitor award for the years 2006 to 2009 until Alan Wilson wrested the title from her in 2010. DCC Double Champion Charlock was registered in 2007 only to be surpassed by DCC Quadruple Champion Celandine in 2009. Of course, she was involved with other clubs and other breeds and I can recall her doing well with Black English Crested in earlier years.

My condolences to her son and other family members.

Allan Trigg,

Dutch Cavy Club President


Dutch in 2015

The Dutch entry at Bradford Championship Show never quite equals the prestige of the show itself and with a condensed show report being offered in respect of the U/5 months Non Self section, I'm unable to determine whether any young Dutch were shown. However, two adults were shown under judge, Brian Leiper, a Red from Andrea Gallagher and a Black or Chocolate from Roy Wearmouth although neither featured in the challenges.

This was not the case in the 5/8 month Non Self classes though where a smart Red Dutch from FLD Cavies impressed judge, Graham Godfrey - Comments. Nice saddle and under, level toe stops, nice cheeks. Clearly this was the Best Dutch on the day taking 1st in the Marked Challenge 5/8 months (31) and then 2nd in the Marked/Ticked Boar class (17) behind a Silver Agouti from Peter Gammie.  This was a most commendable effort and just reward to this exhibitor who had travelled all the way from Portugal.

The DCC show programme for 2015 kicked off at Birmingham on 14th March with fanciers providing judge, Wilmot Goldsworthy with an entry of 29 Dutch. Six colours were on show with the majority being Reds and Chocolates. Two Blacks and a couple of Agoutis (one Silver, one Chocolate) from Madelaine Coomber completed the entry.

Best Dutch went to Amy Heale with her Chocolate adult, 'Freddie'   Very fit & well prepared, good stops but a little uneven, well balanced cheeks/blaze, good saddle and under, very well balanced pig. This result was particularly pleasing for me as the winner was the pig that I selected at Keighley in April 2014 to eclipse the winning run of Amy's prolific winner, 'Burgenhagen II'. Three Reds from Sarah Stribley (Adult, 5/8mths, u/5mths) filled the minor places in the Grand Challenge.

Apart from the regular band of DCC exhibitors, it was good to welcome Purnells Cavies (Annie Smith) into the ranks (Blacks & Chocolates). This time, she won the u/5 months AOC Challenge with a tidy Chocolate and beat herself to take the E.M. Elward New Members Class. More about this exhibitor later.

The Yorkshire Championship Show at Keighley in April is beginning to be a regular venue for the Northern Area Spring Show and it is a great show that deserves our support. It has the added bonus that our Northern Area Rep. Kim Holmes is the show secretary here and, this year, the Margaret Elward Memorial Show specials were incorporated into this event.

Gary Clark very kindly came from Kent to do the honours and, as a result, the entry of only 22 Dutch was rather disappointing. However, obligations elsewhere meant that the Cornish fanciers could not attend this year. The only colours on view today were Red, Black and Chocolate (Cream absent) and in the adult challenges there was renewed competition between Alan Wilson's good Red sow, 'Ice Age' and Amy's leading Chocolates. I think it was 'Little B' that led the adult challenge and she also produced a smart 5/8 months exhibit that did very well in the Keighley classes. The Grand Challenge line up was 1st Alan Wilson (Red) 2nd, 3rd 4th Amy Heale (adult, 5/8 months, adult).

A pleasing feature here was the number of new faces exhibiting as Sandra Fardoe and Jeanette Richardson filled the places in the E.M. Elward New Members Class. Also Katie Bingham made an appearance in the Red 5/8 months class and juvenile challenge. I must also record that this was the last show that we had Harold Laycock exhibiting as he sadly died later in the year. At 91, he was still winning with a young Red sow and we will miss his friendly smile this coming April.

Plans are afoot to make the 2016 Northern event here a Harold Laycock Memorial Show so I hope as many members as possible will try to support this event. Kim Holmes has already very kindly offered specials.

For the second Northern Show, the DCC were entertained by the Cumbria Cavy Club in June and all the reports about this club and the venue have been very favourable. Brian Leiper was fit enough after his operation to do the honours and had an entry of 28 Dutch to sort out. Amy Heale again did well with her Chocolates but it was Chris Pearson with his Reds that did even better. Consequently, the top three in the Grand Challenge were Chris Pearson Red 5/8 months, Amy Heale Chocolate adult, Chris Pearson Red u/5 months. The leading pig was a boar good size, good cheeks, good saddle, even toe stops, good condition. With a critique like that, it was not surprising that we would hear more about this pig (and the young sow) later.

A nice Red shown by Katie Bingham took the New Members Class but her two pigs were split by an entry from Finlaggan Stud (Pam Gardner). It would be interesting to know what colour Pam was showing  a Cinnamon Agouti?

The Southern Area Show at the Real London Show, Bracknell produced the biggest entry of the year with 30 Dutch in eight colours being shown. Kevin Lidbetter was behind the judging table and as usual did a good job making Gary Clark's adult Red Boar 'Saracen Arran' the Best Dutch.  This pig also did very well in the RLS classes winning a breed class of seven and then gaining second in the Marked Challenge Adult from 40 entries. Well done Gary.

The Red classes were quite well supported with Alan Wilson winning the Red Sow Adult class (a new face as 'Ice Age' appears to have been retired) and Sarah Stribley took both the 5/8 months and u/5 months classes with her stock. The youngster looked a useful pig taking Best Youngster.  Best Sow went to an adult Chocolate shown by Luke Holmes and this exhibitor also took Best 5/8 months with a nice looking Black.

Some Cream Dutch finally made an appearance at this event with Kaye Thomas being the exhibitor and the Agouti Dutch were evident in four colours with Maureen Woodward (Cinnamon & Silver) and Madelaine Coomber (Golden & Chocolate) being the winning exhibitors.

Surprisingly, Amy Heale had quite a quiet day by her standards although her good Chocolates did take the 3rd and 4th places in the Grand Challenge behind Gary's Red boar and Luke's Chocolate sow.

Something that I did find a little disconcerting was that in the RLS adult classes, the judge made two comments on 'a skin problem under'. With easy access to cures these days such matters should be relatively easy to resolve and at this flag ship event (and anywhere), stock should really be shown in good health and condition. Sometimes I think pet exhibitors do their stock more justice than the pure bred fanciers and that shouldn't be.

I feel that I shouldn't leave comment on this show without mention of the fact that our USA member Nancy Brookes attended along with her campervan that allowed her to visit some fancier friends before and after the show. I was good to see her and she returned home with a few more acquisitions to bolster and introduce new blood into the American cavy world.

The Cornish Championship Show at Redruth entertained the South West Area Show in October and arrangements were in the good hands of Wilmot Goldsworthy.  A total of 23 Dutch had been entered for judge, Graham Godfrey to sort out and four colours were on view  Red, Black, Chocolate and Chocolate Agouti.  It was pleasing to see a few more Black Dutch than has been the case recently but Reds were the most numerous (13) with a strong team entered by Sarah Stribley; her adult Red took the award of Best Boar. However, the Best Dutch was to go to the Best Sow, an adult Chocolate shown by Purnell Cavies (Annie Smith from Paignton).  As mentioned earlier, this newcomer did well at the Midland Area Show in March and she also enjoyed some success in September at the Real London Show.  Well done and I hope more will be seen of this lady and her stock in 2016.

For the Annual Stock Show at Norton Lindsey on 14th November, Malcolm Atkinson did the honours as he did in 2005 for our Centenary Show. That time 86 Dutch made a record entry but, this year, it was rather less.  In fact, like at Redruth, the entry was only 23 Dutch but with six colours on view; Red Black, Chocolate and three Agouti Dutch thanks to Madelaine Coomber (Golden, Silver and Chocolate). However, there were a few absentees with Gary Clark and Alan Wilson not being able to attend.

Chris Pearson and Amy Heale were able to make the show though and a time lapse of five months since the Cumbria event did nothing to change the placings in the Grand Challenge as the result involved the same exhibitors and the same pigs: 1st Chris Pearson Adult Red boar, 2nd Amy Heale Adult Chocolate boar, 3rd Chris Pearson 5/8 Red sow.  Young Katie Bingham was able to attend thanks to her grandparents (L & P Cavies) and took the Juvenile and New Members classes with her Red and Chocolate Dutch.

If taking Best Dutch, Best Adult and Best 5/8months were not enough, Chris also took Best Youngster with a useful Red sow. He certainly has made a successful comeback after a short while without Dutch and, doubtless, will be a force to reckon with in 2016.

During 2015, there has been a slight improvement in numbers at our stock shows (average 26) with Reds and Chocolates again taking the top awards. Blacks have not been quite as numerous as in some previous years although they are still in the hands of several members so, hopefully, more will be seen at future shows. With Alan Wilson taking something of a back seat at the moment, Cream Dutch seem to be very much the domain of Kaye Thomas. Others have a few though and an opportunity waits with this most difficult of colours.

When it comes to Agouti Dutch, the Club is indebted to Madelaine Coomber for keeping most of the colours on view at our shows; although it was good to see that she does not have exclusive rights to the Chocolate Agouti since Luke Holmes fielded a entry in October. Maureen Woodward soldiers on with Cinnamon and Silver Agouti Dutch and continues to do well whenever she is able to attend shows. Her top Cinnamon pig is aging so again there is a chance for others to make an impression at our shows with this lovely colour.

Cream Agouti Dutch failed to make an appearance at our shows in 2015. However, this Christmas, I had a card from Pat Argyle of Worthing who still has a few of this colour along with some Cream Dutch. Likewise, Lilac Dutch were conspicuous by their absence.

As already mentioned, we lost our oldest member, Harold Laycock this past summer and his cheery smile will greatly be missed at Northern shows this coming year. Then, on Boxing Day, I received a phone call from Fred Holmes to advise that Chris Peachey, a former DCC Secretary/Treasurer had died on Christmas Day whilst with relatives in Cornwall. Ill-health had meant that she had not kept cavies in recent times but she had been very successful with her Razzamatazz Stud of Red Dutch in the past, registering Quadruple Champion Celandine in 2009.