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The review of the Dutch year in 2017  



February 2017

  The review of the Dutch year in 2016  




February 2016


Chris Peachey 

Dutch in 2015












March 2016

Spotlight on a fancier - Nancy Brookes












October 2016

Brian Passmore

Notes on the Real London Show 2015 


February 2015

Review of the Dutch Year 2014


September 2015


Harold Laycock


November 2015

Notes on the Real London Show 2015

January 2014

Review of the Dutch Year 2013


April 2014

Spotlight on a fancier - Graham Godfrey

May 2014

First recorded cavy?


June 2012


Maggie McKay


October 2012

Update from the US

Notes on the Real London Show 2012

January 2013

Review of the Dutch Year 2012

October 2010

News update from our US members


January 2011 

Review of the Dutch Year 2010
February 2012

Review of the Dutch Year 2011

January 2010

Review of the Dutch Year 2009

Update from the US

March 2010

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April 2010

Special show awards  

New Dutch Club Stand
December 2009

Dutch enquiry from Russia

Christmas Greetings from the USA

October 2009

Pauline Avery

USA Visitors at DCC Margaret Elward Show

2009 Ballot Results

September 2009

Update on 'wanted cavies' for USA

August 2009

Calling all creams ...

July 2009

Dutch Cavy Club polo shirts

June 2009

Ballot Nomination (members only)

DCC reaches the other side of the world!

May 2009

Welcome to new members

DCC Champion

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April 2009

More news from the USA

Black Dutch in Germany

March 2009

More Dutch in the USA!

Dutch breeders' forum

January 2009

Dutch Review of the Year 2008

Dutch in the USA?

December 2008

Joan Radeglia

October 2008

Jonathan Billing
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