Maggie McKay

Although I had received concerned reports from the recent Kent show about Maggie's health, I did not envisage that the end would come so soon. I, subsequently, phoned her to check on DCC matters and, when I asked how she was, the reply was fairly positive and gave no indication that her well-being was fading so fast. Obviously, she wanted to remain independent and exhibit a positive frame of mind to the last.

It was only September last year that Maggie was given the bad news that she had liver cancer. Her concern then, when speaking to me and our DCC chairman, Graham Godfrey, was whether she could competently carry out her DCC duties or if she should resign. After doing so much in a variety of ways, she simply didn't deserve to be dismissed in such an uncaring way and, at the AGM in November 2011, there was no thought that we should abandon her; rather we should stand by her and offer help if ever it was needed. This arrangement has worked out fine and the DCC together with the Kent and Essex clubs will be that much poorer for her absence. Very often, particularly at Kent shows, it was Maggie that did much of the paperwork to ensure that the show went ahead.

Madelaine Coomber's phone call to advise that Maggie had died on Friday, 11th May was something of a shock even though it appeared inevitable that her time in this world was limited. All that can now be done is to offer our sincere condolences to John and family for this sad loss.

Allan Trigg (President, Dutch Cavy Club)


I was very saddened to hear that Maggie had lost her fight with Cancer. I had known Maggie for many years; she was one of the first people I met in the Cavy fancy. Kent Coast (now Canterbury & Coast) was the first show I attended to enter my cavy. Maggie ran this show for several years, with everything' Cavy', put her heart and soul into it. She managed against all the odds to keep the show running, she never gave up until her illness forced her to take things a bit easy. Along with running Kent Coast and taking entries for Kent, Maggie was also secretary for the Dutch Cavy Club, a role she enjoyed immensely. Maggie was determined not to let this cruel disease beat her, managing to take entries and prepare the paperwork for our Kent show on 29th April. Bravely attending the show, it was heart-warming to see her surrounded by, and chatting to, her Kent friends all day. We will all miss Maggie more than words can say, I will particularly miss our 'end of show putting the world to rights' chats whilst settling up her expenses. The Cavy Fancy has lost a very helpful, enthusiastic member, but we will all cherish the memories we have of our Maggie.

My thoughts go to John and the family at this time and I send them my sincere condolences.

Sleep well Mags

Sally Nye


It is with great sadness that I write of my good friend, fellow exhibitor, lover of all things Agouti, committee member and all round good person, Maggie McKay who so sadly lost her battle with cancer on May 11th.

She had been a tower of strength at Kent Coast, running it mostly single handed up to last year when poor health forced her to quit, had managed our show entries at Kent right up to this April when she really wasn't feeling too good, but still had a good laugh and gossip with us all, was also the Dutch Secretary and Treasurer, a task I know she really enjoyed. Maggie was also a skilled needed woman producing many beautiful pieces of needle work for friends and family.

She will be truly missed by all her friends in the Fancy as shall I miss our long phone calls chatting about so many things, our condolences go to John, her husband and their sons.

Madelaine Coomber


It was sad news indeed to learn that Maggie McKay had passed away on Friday, 11th May 2012. We all knew that Maggie faced a bleak future but it was still something of a surprise to hear that she had faded away so quickly.

Maggie did so much on the local show scene, particularly in Kent, where she often did the lion's share of the secretarial work. She was a great help to me when I took over as General Secretary of the Essex Cavy Society. I was new to much of the computerised paperwork and Maggie was always willing to give advice if needed. She will be missed by Kent and Essex fanciers alike.

Ted Williamson (for the Essex Cavy Society committee)