Show: Northern Area

Date: 14th July 2018

Venue: Yorkshire Champs Show

Judge: Roy Wearmouth

Entries: 18

BIS: Heale & Davies' Adult Red Boar 'Trelawney's Trevor' 


'It was a pleasure to Judge this Stock Show . Many thanks for the invite. Thanks also to the Y.C.C. for staging this show, and to my steward Suzanne. It was a decent entry for our breed.

Adult Red Boar (5): 1. Heale & Davies, took BIS which had a good head, top and under, odd stops. 2. A. Gallagher, a nice head, top, under, odd stops. A shade long in coat. 3. C. Pearson Good top, stops, out under a little high on cheeks.

Adult Red Sow (2): 1. A. Gallagher, was runner up to B.I.S, with good colour, head, top and under, fair stops. 2. C. Pearson, similar to winner, but not as good stops.

Adult Black (3): 1. M. Bebbington, nice head, top, out under, odd stops, good coat and colour. 2. B. Leiper, out under, odd stops and cheeks, nice top. 3. L & P Cavies, odd cheeks and stops, crossed top, out under, not in show condition.

Adult Chocolate (2): 1. Heale & Davies, 3rd B.I.S. good coat and colour, top, under and stops, slightly odd cheeks.

5-8 Chall (2): 1. A. Gallagher's Red Boar. 2. Heale & Davies Red Sow.

U/5 Red Boar (1): 1. Heale & Davies, odd cheeks, fair top, out under, good stops

U/5 Red Sow (1): K. Hopkins, nice head, top, out under, one good stop the other one short.

U/5 Cinnamon Agouti (1): 1. Finlaggan Stud, nice colour, drag both cheeks, crossed top, out under, short stops.

AA Grand Chall: 1. Heale & Davies (Red Boar Adult), 2. A. Gallagher (Red Sow Adult), 3. Heale & Davies (Chocolate Adult), 4. A. Gallagher (Red Boar 5-8).'