DCC Northern Area Show   Keighley    12/04/14

The entry of 21 Dutch may not have been sensational but was quite satisfactory in view of the fact that Cornwall and Kent are strongholds of DCC membership and both areas were staging shows that weekend.  I anticipated that Best Dutch would most likely go to a Chocolate Dutch but I did not foresee something of a form upset. It was, indeed, a Chocolate that took the top award but this time it was a promising intermediate boar from the Amy Heale stable. After judging, I was informed that this was the pig that did so well at the Bradford Ch. Show in January taking third in the Marked/Ticked Challenge u/5mths.

Red Boar Adult (1) 1st Chris Pearson. Sound ears. Quite good cheeks but untidy run spoils. Nice saddle, quite good undercut, pleasing colour, odd stops, 1 good, 1 toe. A useful stud boar and Best Red.

Black Adult B or S (4) 1st & 2nd Malcolm Atkinson. Sow leading. Sound ears, heavy, full cheeks, quite good saddle and undercut, short toe stops, nice colour and coat. Shown to win and it did. Boar, tipped ear spoils, heavy cheeks close to whisker bed, nice else with level toe stops. Again, a nicely shown exhibit. 3rd & Res. B. Leiper Boar leading sow. Two sporting entries but both could be in better order, long in coat, thin under, sow rather baggy.

Chocolate Adult B or S (3) 1st & 2nd Amy Heale. Boar. Sound ears. Nice all round markings, trifle untidy blaze and just a shade long one stop that runs under. Colour and condition took the eye. 2nd noted winning boar and an uneasy choice for 2nd as balanced markings all round. Just a shade heavy cheeks, shorter stops and signs of wear on belly today. 3rd Sandra Fardoe, a sow rather exposed by the quality of the leaders but shown in good order although could be more tractable. Badly out on undercut and flesh ear.

Golden Agouti Adult B or S (2) 1st Kim Holmes.  Sound ears, little heavy cheeks, nice saddle, slight dip undercut, nice stops bar run under. A nicely balanced exhibit and Best Sow. Pen 347 absent.

Silver Agouti Adult B or S (1) 1st Graham Godfrey. Boar. Tipped ear, high cheek with other a slight drag. Fair saddle skews. Fair undercut and stops.

Challenge Red Adult (1) 1st Chris Pearson.

Challenge AOC Adult (10) 1st & 3rd Amy Heale. 2nd Kim Holmes. Res. Malcolm Atkinson.

Challenge Adult (11) 1st & 3rd Amy Heale. 2nd Kim Holmes. Res Chris Pearson.

Red Boar 5/8 months (1) 1st Harold Laycock. Sound ears, quite nice cheeks, saddle and undercut a shade far back, toe stops.

Chocolate B or S 5/8 months (2) 1st & 2nd Amy Heale. Nicely marked all round although one cheek is a little heavier than the other.  Nice saddle, quite good undercut, level toe stops. A promising boar and later Best Dutch. 2nd sow. Again nicely marked but only a fair blaze and colour disappointed today.

Silver Agouti Dutch 5/8 months (1) 1st Graham Godfrey. Sow. Sound ears. Odd cheeks and stops. Nice saddle and undercut.

Challenge Red 5/8 months (1) 1st Harold Laycock

Challenge AOC 5/8 months (3) 1st & 2nd Amy Heale. 3rd Graham Godfrey.

Challenge A.C. 5/8 months (4) 1st & 3rd Amy Heale 2nd Harold Laycock Res Graham Godfrey.

Red Sow u/5 months (3) 1st Chris Pearson. Needs better cheeks but sneaks the class on ears, saddle and undercut, reasonable stops if a little odd. 2nd & 3rd Harold Laycock. Nice cheeks but slight tip ear, fair saddle & undercut out, level toe stops. Close and followed each other in duplicates. 3rd beaten cheeks and blaze. All in need of better table manners!

Black B or S u/5 months (1) Amy Heale. Sow. Sound ears, little odd cheeks, slipping saddle but nicely cut under. Fair stops.

Chocolate B or S u/5 months (1) Amy Heale. A sow that I predict will have a very short showing career as one stop is very short and pushing the limit already. High cheeks but quite nice saddle and undercut.

Silver Agouti B or S u/5 months (1) 1st Graham Godfrey. Boar and best of the Silvers today. Tipped ear. Little odd cheeks with one high. Nice saddle and good stops.

Challenge Red u/5 months (3) 1st Chris Pearson 2nd & 3rd Harold Laycock.

Challenge AOC u/5 months (3) 1st Graham Godfrey, 2nd & 3rd Amy Heale.

Challenge AC u/5 months (6) 1st Chris Pearson. 2nd & Res Harold Laycock. 3rd Graham Godfrey.

Grand Challenge AA (21) 1st, 2nd, Res Amy Heale 3rd Kim Holmes.

Challenge Boar AA (9) 1st, 2nd 3rd Amy Heale. Res Chris Pearson

Challenge Sow AA (12) 1st Kim Holmes. 2nd Malcolm Atkinson. 3rd Chris Pearson. Res Harold Laycock

New Members (1) 1st Sandra Pardoe.