DCC Midland Area Show   5th December 2010.

Judge: Allan TriggN o. Of Entries: 40

Red Boar Adult (5) 1st Sarah Stribley. Nice placement saddle & coat. Sound ears. Fair blaze, cheeks & stops. 2nd Alan Wilson. Quite nice cheeks, tipped ear, fair saddle and undercut (shade far back), little odd stops. 3rd Kevin Hopkins. Nice saddle, stops & colour but cheeks catch smellers & mouth badly and poor undercut. Res. Alan Wilson. Not in show coat today. A disappointing class. 

Red Sow Adult (3) 1st & 2nd Alan Wilson, A pleasing exhibit with shade heavy cheeks, Sound ears if edges could be better. Nice saddle. Quite good undercut & level toe stops. 2nd Another nice sow but beaten stops (run inside) and slightly overgroomed today. 3rd Kevin Hopkins. Nice cheeks. Tipped ear. Nice saddle but out undercut. Toe stops. A much better class than the boars.

Black B/S Adult (4) 1st & 2nd Crazy Cavies. A nice all round boar with quite good cheeks & blaze. Nice top to saddle but cuts away at side to undercut. Nice stops. 2nd Another decent boar that pushed the leader on saddle but a little untidy on blaze (stray hairs) and not the stops of winner. 3rd & Res. Stuart Inch. Boar. Fair cheeks, one cuts away, other shade heavy. Quite good saddle & undercut. Nice stops. Res. Odd cheeks catch smellers. Inclined to skew saddle. Toe stops. Fair coat.

Chocolate B/S Adult (3) 1st Amy Heale. A sweet sow with good balanced markings. Nice cheeks, ears & saddle. Level toe stops. Just inclined to dip undercut but a lovely exhibit and Best Dutch. Others absent.

Cream B/S Adult (4) 1st Alan Wilson. Sow. Heavy cheeks catch and drag neck. Quite nice saddle & undercut. Odd stops. Best for colour & coat. 2nd Stuart Inch. Heavy cheeks and a drag. Fair saddle. Toe stops. Others absent.

Golden Agouti B/S Adult (1) 1st Amy Heale. Boar. Pleasing cheeks if shade odd. Reasonable saddle & undercut. Tipped ear. Quite good stops if shade odd. Needs more handling.

Silver Agouti B/S Adult (3) All absent.

Chall Red Adult (6) 1st, 2nd ,Res. Alan Wilson. 3rd Sarah Stribley.

Chall AOC Adult (15) 1st & Res. Amy Heale. 2nd & 3rd Crazy Cavies.

Chall A.C. Adult (21) 1st Amy Heale. 2nd & Res. Alan Wilson. 3rd Crazy Cavies.

Red Boar 5/8 mths (3) 1st Amy Heale. Nicely marked all round with toe stops. Best Intermediate but lacks table manners that made assessment difficult and tested my patience! 2nd Kevin Hopkins. Quite nice cheeks if a little heavy and untidy (drag). Shade out saddle. Fair stops. Nice colour. One absent.

Red Sow 5/8 mths (1) 1st Amy Heale. Slightly odd cheeks (one a shade heavy & to smellers) but nice else. Quite nice saddle. Nice undercut & stops.

Black B/S 5/8 mths (3) 1st Mrs W. Goldsworthy. A neat sow that wins well today. Quite nice cheeks if a shade untidy. Sound ears. Nice saddle & undercut if shade far back. Toe stops. 2nd G.W.Godfrey. Cheeks to smellers and a drag one side. Sound ears. Nice saddle (if SFB) and stops. Slight dip undercut. 3rd Stuart Inch. Heavy & ragged cheeks. Fair saddle & undercut. Nice stops if slightly odd.

Chocolate B/S 5/8mths (1) 1st Pen 392 no name as seems a late entry. Carries markings that can best be described as complete but fair all round. 

Silver Agouti B/S 5/8 mths (1) 1st G.W.Godfrey. Boar. Rather messy and poor cheek markings spoil an otherwise useful example of this colour.

Challenge Red 5/8 mths (4) 1st & 2nd Amy Heale 3rd Kevin Hopkins.

Challenge A.O.C. 5/8mths (5) 1st Mrs W. Goldsworthy. 2nd & 3rd G. W. Godfrey. Res. Stuart Inch.

Challenge A.C. 5/8 mths (8) 1st & 3rd Amy Heale. 2nd Mrs W. Goldsworthy. Res. G.W. Godfrey.

Red Boar u/5 mths (1) 1st Sarah Stribley. Nice cheeks but just catch smellers a trifle. Sound ears. Nice saddle. Quite good undercut. Even toe stops. A very promising youngster that immediately took the eye. Best u/5 mths.

Red Sow u/5 mths (1) 1st Sarah Stribley. Quite good cheeks, just inclined to cut away a shade. Sound ears. Nice saddle if a shade far back. Odd stops.

Black B/S u/5 mths (3) 1st Mrs W. Goldsworthy. Sow. Neat cheeks if a trifle heavy. Tipped ear. Nice saddle & undercut. Toe stops. 2nd Stuart Inch. Heavy cheeks with pigment to nose. Sound ears. Fair saddle. Nice undercut. Odd stops. One absent.

Chocolate B/S u/5 mths (1) 1st Sarah Stribley. Sow. Nice cheeks if a little heavy one side. Sound ears.Quite nice saddle & undercut if could be better. Nice stops.

Cream B/S u/5mths (1) 1st Alan Wilson. Nice cheeks if just into smellers. Quite nice saddle & undercut. Nice stops. A promising sow and a good effort for this difficult colour.

Challenge Red u/5 mths (2) 1st & 2nd Sarah Stribley.

Challenge A.O.C. u/5 mths (5) 1st Mrs W. Goldsworthy. 2nd Alan Wilson. 3rd Sarah Stribley. Res. Stuart Inch.

Challenge A.C. u/5 mths (7) 1st & Res Sarah Stribley. 2nd Mrs W.Goldsworthy. 3rd Alan Wilson.

Grand Challenge A.C.A.A (30) 1st Amy Heale. 2nd Sarah Stribley. 3rd Alan Wilson. Res. Crazy Cavies.

Boar A.C.A.A. (12) 1st Sarah Stribley. 2nd & Res Crazy Cavies. 3rd Amy Heale.

Sow A.C.A.A (17) 1st Amy Heale. 2nd & Res Alan Wilson. 3rd Mrs W. Goldsworthy.

New Members A.C.A.A (4) 1st & 2nd Crazy Cavies 3rd Kevin Hopkins.