Dutch Cavy Club Southern Area Show @ Real London

35 exhibits

BIS: Luke Holmes Chocolate adult ‘Holly’


Judge Peter Gammie writes: 'It was my very great pleasure to accept Amy's invitation to judge this show, Dutch being one of my favourite breeds. Silver Agouti Dutch were the first purebred cavies I ever kept, having seen them for the first time at the first big show I attended at Dorking in the early 1970s. At that time, there were only 5 colours of Dutch recognized and it was common to see up to 7 in both the Silver and the Golden Agouti classes. For several years I bred many pretty pets without producing any decent show pigs, eventually the Club President at the time Margaret Elward took pity on a young boy and very kindly gave me her best Silver show pig, an adult boar I for some reason named Albert, who went on to be a DCC Champion.

There were some very nice Dutch on show today, for me the first 4 stood out and these were: 1. Luke Holmes' adult Chocolate sow, very good saddle and under, very good stops and cheeks, just a little heavy on one and a little solid on neck, excelling coat and condition which helped to show off its markings, a very attractive pig. Runner up was Sarah Bennett's adult Red sow, excels saddle and under, with very nice cheeks and even toe stops, just cut a little far back for me and could use richer colour.

Third was another from Luke Holmes, this time a very smart 5-8 Black sow, again excelling coat, colour and condition with very good cheeks and blaze, short even stops and very good under, slight pull on saddle. Fourth was Kevin Hopkin's 5-8 Red boar, really excellent colour on this one, good saddle, slight step under, balanced but slightly skewed stops and dragged slightly on both cheeks, but a well balanced pig.

Challenge Red Adult: 1. Sarah Bennett's sow, as above. 2. Sarah Bennett's boar, very nice cheeks and blaze, also saddle, little uneven under, even toe stops, fair type and colour. 3. Alan Wilson's sow, very good saddle and under, even toe stops, drags on one check.

AOC Challenge Adult: 1. Luke Holmes' Chocolate sow, as above. 2. Alan Wilson's Golden Agouti sow, very good saddle and under, short even stops, little heavy on one cheek and runs to mouth. 3. Maureen Woodward's Silver Agouti boar, very good saddle and stops, step under, one cheek runs to smellers.

Challenge Red 5-8: 1. Kevin Hopkin's boar, as above. 2. Gary Clark, lovely coat and colour, good saddle, dips under, little uneven on stops, very nice cheeks and blaze. 3. Sarah Bennett's boar, very good saddle and under, short even stops, nice cheeks and blaze, could be richer colour.

AOC Challenge 5-8: 1. Luke Holmes' Black sow, see above. 2. Luke Holmes' Chocolate sow, excels coat, colour and condition, very good saddle and under, odd stops, nice blaze on one cheek, drags on the other. 3. Luke Holmes' Black sow, nice saddle and under, little long on one stop also heavy on one cheek and runs to smellers, narrow blaze, very good coat and colour.

Challenge Red U/5: 1. Sarah Bennett's boar, very good saddle and under, even toe stops, nice blaze and cheeks, little light in colour. 2. Heale & Davies' boar, just a baby as yet, very promising for colour, very nice saddle and under, nice cheeks, little uneven on stops and off on blaze. 3. Absent.

AOC Challenge U/5: 1. Heale & Davies' Chocolate, very nice saddle and under, also cheeks and blaze, little uneven on stops. 2. Madelaine Coomber's Golden Agouti boar, very fit with good saddle and under, very nice cheeks and blaze, little odd on stops. 3. Madelaine Coomber's Cream Agouti boar, good colour, step saddle and under and odd stops, very light on one cheek with heavy flesh ear.

Thanks very much to Kaye Thomas on the book, and to stewards Madelaine Coomber, Alan Wilson and Gary Clark.'