Real London Southern Area Show

Date: 13/09/2014

Judge: Julie Davies

BIS: Alan Wilsons Adult Red Sow Ice Age

D1 Red Boar Adult

1. Emily Bennet. Good head, eye and ear. Well balanced markings. Good saddle uneven stops, one good one slightly sort. Good colour

2. Alan Wilson. Good colour runs near to smellers one side. Good head, eye and ear, saddle slight skew, even stops.


D2 Red Sow Adult

1. Alan Wilson. Good head, eye and ear, even stops, good saddle, well balanced very good condition.


D4 Chocolate Adult

1. Amy Heale. Good head, eye and ear, slightly uneven chops, good saddle, very slight dip under, good under colour and even stops. Well balanced

2. Amy Heale. Good head, eye and ear, good saddle, well balanced markings, even stops under colour bit light, bit down on condition.


D5 Cream Adult

1. Kaye Thomas. Nice head, eye and ear, very nice colour, runs to smellers and to mouth one side, dip under.

Second pig in class no award as was bit bald under and down in condition.


D7 Cinnamon Agouti Adult

1. M Woodward. Nice head, good ears, good colour, good ticking. Heavy cheeks, even saddle, very good under

2. Madelaine Coomber. Good colour, slightly long in ticking, unbalanced cheeks, one very short, toe stops, flesh ears and slight skew under.


D9 Silver Agouti Adult

1. Madelaine Coomber. Good colour and ticking. Good stops, good under on saddle. Heavy cheeks, but even, run to mouth and slight skew saddle.

2. M Woodward. Good colour and ticking. Bit short one cheek, one good stop and one just. Step under on saddle and on top line


D12 Chall Red Adult

1. Alan Wilson Sow

2. Emily Bennet Boar

3. Alan Wilson Boar


D13 Chall AOC

1. Amy Heale Chocolate

2. M Woodward Cinnamon Agouti

3. Amy Heale Chocolate

4. Madelaine Coomber Silver Agouti


D14 Chall AC Adult

1. Alan Wilson Red Sow

2. Amy Heale Chocolate

3. Emily Bennet Red Boar

4. M Woodward Cinnamon Agouti


D15 Red Boar 5/8

1. Gary Clark Good colour, even stops, slight skew saddle top and dip under. Bit short one cheek.

2. Sarah Stribley Good colour uneven stops bit short one cheek, high set ears and bit skew saddle under.


D16 Red Sow 5/8

1. Fld Cavies Good colour, head and stops, good under very slight skew top, uneven cheeks and slight drag one side.


D17 Black 5/8

1. Sharon Collis Good colour and under, even stops, very heavy cheeks with run to smellers one side, good saddle.


D19 Cream 5/8

1. Kaye Thomas Good colour, one good stop, one short. Wide blaze, stepped top line to saddle and very stepped under, flesh ear.


D26 Chall Red 5/8

1. Fld Cavies Sow

2. Gary Clark Boar

3. Sarah Stribley Boar


D27 Chall AOC 5/8

1. Sharon Collis Black

2. Kaye Thomas Cream


D28 Chall AC 5/8

1. Sharon Collis Black

2. Fld Cavies Red Sow

3. Gary Clark Red Boar

4. Sarah Stribley Red Boar


D29 Red Boar U5

1. Gary Clark Good saddle, even cheeks, slight dip under, good colour and top.

2. Sarah Stribley Good under, head eye and ear, even cheeks and saddle, uneven stops.

3. Fld Cavies Good under, top and colour. Toe stops, run to mouth and even cheeks.


D30 Red Sow U5

1. Sarah Stribley Short but even cheeks, good under and top to saddle, even cheeks

2. Amy Heale Even stops, slight drag one side to cheek and flesh ear. Skew under but good top

3. Alan Wilson Good colour, one good stop, very slight drag to cheek, skew top and very skew under.


D32 Chocolate U5

1. Amy Heale Good colour and under, good, even stops and cheeks, saddle slightly back.

2. Amy Heale Good colour and toe stops. Slight skew top to saddle and slightly uneven cheeks.


D40 Chall Red U5

1. Gary Clark Boar

2. Sarah Stribley Sow

3. Sarah Stribley Boar

4. Amy Heale Sow


D41 Chall AOC U5

1. Amy Heale Chocolate

2. Amy Heale Chocolate


D42 Chall AC U5

1. Amy Heale Chocolate

2. Gary Clark Red Boar

3. Sarah Stribley Red Sow

4. Amy Heale Chocolate


D47 Grand Chall AC AA

1. Alan Wilson Red Adult Sow

2. Amy Heale Chocolate Adult

3. Amy Heale Chocolate U5

4. Gary Clark Red U5


D48 Boar AC AA

1. Amy Heale Chocolate Adult

2. Amy Heale Chocolate U5

3. Gary Clark Red U5

4. Emily Bennet Red Boar Adult


D49 Sow AC AA

1. Alan Wilson Red Adult

2. Sarah Stribley Red U5

3. Sharon Collis Black 5/8

4. Fld Cavies Red 5/8


D50 M Elward Newcomers

1. Kaye Thomas Cream Adult

2. Kaye Thomas Cream 5/8