An honour once again to judge the Dutch exhibits at the Real London show. The stock on show today was generally of a really high standard, nice fit pigs with good coats. A couple of pigs which really stood out today and did not take top honours were Graham Godfreys adult Silver Agouti Sow a nice fit pig very well balanced. There were too many quality adults which stopped this pig going through the challenges today. Another quality exhibit was the U/5 cream from Alan Wilson a nicely set up pig with a beautiful colour. Amy Heal took top honours today with her fantastic Adult Chocolate Boar, a huge fit pig with excellent markings. Wilmot Goldsworthy was placed 2nd and 3rd both from a very good class of Adult Blacks. I would also like to thank all the folks who organised the show for an excellent day and a great lunch

 Gary Clark, Dutch Cavy Club


Red Boar Adult (6)

1st Emily Bennet Balanced cheeks, sound ears good saddle, slight dip under odd stops, good colour

2nd Amy Heale Good blaze, heavy even cheeks high saddle, good under, odd stops

3rd Kevin Hopkins Heavy even cheeks, nice saddle and under colour in blaze spoils a quite nice exhibit


Red Sow Adult

1st Amy Heale Balanced heavy cheeks, narrow blaze, nice saddle and under, good stops good condition.

2nd Alan Wilson Balanced cheeks, Hi set ears, slight skew to saddle toe stops

3rd Amy Heale Balanced heavy cheeks with slight run to mouth, good saddle slight dip under, very good stops.

Black Adult

1st Wilmot Goldsworthy very slight odd cheeks, good saddle and under excellent condition

2nd Wilmot Goldsworthy Heavy balanced cheeks, god saddle step under spoils, good stops very nice type

3rd Sharon Collis Good cheeks, run to mouth, nice saddle and under, good stops

Chocolate Adult ( 2 exhibits 1 disqualified)

1st Amy Heale Good cheeks, Blaze, very good saddle and under, very slight odd stops excellent Type and condition. A worthy BIS

Cream Adult

1st Alan Wilson Good colour, slightly odd cheeks, High set ears, Fair saddle, dip under, odd cheeks.


Cinnamon Agouti Adult

1st Mrs M Woodward Even cheeks with a nice blaze, skew saddle dip under, odd stops 

2nd Madelaine Coomber Odd cheeks , High set flesh ear, good saddle and under, odd stops.

Golden Agouti Adult

1st Sarah Stribley Small size adult, very nice cheeks, slipped saddle good line top and under,

Even toe stops

Silver Agouti Adult

1st Graham Godfrey Good even cheeks, very good saddle on top slight dip under, odd stops.

2nd Graham Godfrey Uneven cheeks, flesh ear, slight skew to saddle, fair stops.

3rd Madelaine Coomber Heavy even cheeks, run to mouth. Coloured hairs in the blaze, Fair saddle and under, odd stops.

Chall Red Adult

1st Amy Heale 2nd Emily Bennet 3rd Alan Wilson 4th Kevin Hopkins

Chall AOC Adult

1st Amy Heale 2nd Wilmot Goldsworthy 3rd Wilmot Goldsworthy 4th Graham Godfrey

Chall AC Adult

1st Amy Heale 2nd Wilmot Goldsworthy 3rd Amy Heale 4th Wilmot Goldsworthy

Red Boar 5/8 (2 entries 1 absent)

1st Sarah Stribley Fair cheeks, high set ears, narrow blaze, very nice saddle and under, toe stops.

Red Sow 5/8

1st Amy Heale slight odd cheeks slight slip to saddle, toe stops

2nd Alan Wilson Odd cheeks, flesh ear, straight slipped saddle, and under, odd stops.

Black 5/8

1st Wilmot Goldsworthy Good cheeks and blaze, very good saddle and under, even toe stops excellent condition, all round very well balanced pig

Cinnamon Agouti 5/8

1st Mrs M Woodward Odd cheeks, Flesh ear, good saddle and under, odd stops.

Chocolate Agouti

1st Madelaine Coomber Good cheeks and blaze High set ears, even saddle and under could be a touch higher, even toe stops

Chall Red 5/8

1st Sarah Stribley 2nd Amy Heale 3rd Alan Wilson 

Chall AOC 5/8

1st Wilmot Goldsworthy 2nd Madelaine Coomber 3rd Mrs M Woodward

Chall AC 5/8

1st Wilmot Goldsworthy 2nd Sarah Stribley 3rd Madelaine Coomber 4th Wilmot Goldsworthy

Red Boar U/5

1st Alan Wilson Fair cheeks, touch to smellers, narrow blaze, Good demarcation to top of saddle slight dip under, very good stops

Red Sow U/5

1st Kevin Hopkins Fair cheeks slight drag, very narrow blaze spoils appearance, good saddle dip under fair even stops.

Cream U/5

1st Alan Wilson Even cheeks, good blaze and ears, very slight skew to saddle good stops, excellent type and colour.

Chall Red U/5

1st Kevin Hopkins 2nd Alan Wilson

Chall AC U/5

1st Alan Wilson 2nd Kevin Hopkins 3rd Alan Wilson

Juv AC Adult

1st Ewan Collis Fair cheeks, slight drag to neck good blaze even saddle and under, slight odd stops, 

Juv Chall AC AA

1st Ewan Collis



Grand Chall AC AA 

1st Amy Heale  2nd Wilmot Goldsworthy  3rd Wilmot Goldsworthy 4th Amy Heale

Boar AC AA

1st Amy Heale 2nd Wilmot Goldsworthy 3rd Wilmot Goldsworthy 4th Sarah Stribley


1st Amy Heale 2ndWilmot Goldsworthy 3rd Alan Wilson 4th Alan Wilson