Show: Southern Area

Date: 8th September 2018

Venue: Real London

Judge: Maureen Woodward  

Entries: 39

BIS: Sarah Bennett's Chocolate Agouti 5-8 Sow

‘I was very pleased to judge the Dutch at the London Show 2018. An excellent entry of 39 cavies - so please that so many exhibitors were able to compete at the event. As at all Dutch show members can only show the best they have available at the time, and not all can be winners. It was nice to see so many different colours of Dutch too.

My BIS was a Chocolate Agouti Sow a really lovely marked Dutch - well shown by Sarah Bennett, closely followed by a similar aged cavy - 5-8 months, a Red Dutch sow of Alan Wilson. They were both nice examples of our breed.

Best Adult - a Black sow shown by Luke Holmes. Best U/5 Sarah Bennett. Best Junior a Red Boar exhibited by Tegan Hogan.

My thanks to the stewards who worked hard all day.'

D1 Adult Red Boar (4):

1. Sarah Bennett, nice stops and cheeks, saddle - good top, nice under, nice shape, H/E/E, needs more body.

2. Heale & Davies, nice H/E/E, nice top ad cheeks, odd stops, little ragged in coat.

3. Tegan Hogan, nice cheeks, fair stops, uneven saddle, long in coat.

4. Absent 

D2 Adult Red Sow (2):

1. Kevin Hopkins, lovely H/E/E, uneven saddle, fair stops and cheeks, well shown.

2. Carolyn Shaw, good shape, fair H/E/E, stops and cheeks, catch to mouth, uneven in coat.

D3 Adult Black (5):

1. Luke Holmes, nice H/E/E, fair stops, nice cheeks, top and under, well groomed, little thin on belly.

2. Lucy Johnson, lovely H/E/E, uneven stops, low saddle, catch to mouth.

3. Imogen Bell, shade uneven cheeks, slipped saddle, far under.

4. Luke Holmes.

D4 Adult Chocolate (2):

1. Luke Holmes, nice top and under, nice balanced cheeks, good coat, H/E/E, well prepared.

2. Absent.

D5 Adult Cream (2): 

1. Alan Wilson, nice H/E/E, short balanced stops, nice top, under and cheeks, long in coat.

2. Kaye Thomas, short stops, catch to smellers, fair top and under, nice body type.

D7 Adult Golden Agouti (1):

1. Sarah Bennett, fair cheeks, saddle, stops, nice H/E/E, catch to mouth.

D9 Adult Cream Agouti (3):

1. Graham Godfrey, good top and under, good H/E/E, short stops.

2. Graham Godfrey, odd stops, little low on saddle, dips under, nice cheeks - catch to mouth.

3. Alan Wilson, short stops, nice saddle, but dips under.

D10 Adult Chocolate Agouti (1):

1. Luke Holmes, lovely H/E/E, nice top and under, slightly unbalanced cheeks, nice coat.

D12 Adult Red Challenge (6):

1. Sarah Bennett, Boar.

2. Kevin Hopkins, Sow.

3. Heale & Davies, Boar.

D13 Adult AOC Challenge (15):

1. Luke Holmes, Black.

2. Luke Holmes, Chocolate.

3. Luke Holmes, Chocolate Agouti.

D14 Adult AC Challenge (21):

1. Luke Holmes, Black.

2. Luke Holmes, Chocolate.

3. Luke Holmes, Chocolate Agouti.

D15 5-8 Red Boar (1):

1. Kevin Hopkins, lovely cheeks, nice H/E/E, good stops and saddle, nice shape, well prepared.

D16 5-8 Red Sow (3):

1. Alan Wilson, lovely H/E/E, good saddle and stops, well balanced and bold pig.

2. Kevin Hopkins, nice H/E/E, saddle, step under.

3. Tegan Hogan, fair stops and cheeks, catch to month, nice H/E/E.

D17 5-8 Black (2):

1. Luke Holmes, fair stops and saddle low saddle - top and under.

2. Luke Holmes, toe stops, odd cheeks, low in saddle.

D18 5-8 Cream (1):

1. Kaye Thomas, fair H/E/E, odd cheeks and run under.

D22 5-8 Silver Agouti (2):

1. Graham Godfrey, heavy cheeks, toe stops, nice top and saddle, fair under, untidy head.

2. Absent.

D23 5-8 Cream Agouti (1):

1. Madelaine Coomber, good H/E/E, fair stops and cheeks, nice saddle and fair under.

D24 5-8 Chocolate Agouti (1):

1. Sarah Bennett, lovely shape H/E/E, good top and under, good stops, eventually my BIS Cavy, very well balanced Dutch.

D26 5-8 Red Challenge (4):

1. Alan Wilson, Sow.

2. Kevin Hopkins.

3. Kevin Hopkins.

D27 5-8 AOC Challenge (7):

1. Sarah Bennett, Chocolate Agouti.

2. Madelaine Coomber, Cream Agouti.

3. Luke Holmes, Black.

D28 5-8 AC Challenge (11):

1. Sarah Bennett, Chocolate Agouti.

2. Alan Wilson, Red.

3. Kevin Hopkins, Red.

D29 U/5 Red Boar (2):

1. Sarah Bennett, nice stops, good saddle, fair under, well prepared.

2. Sarah Bennett, uneven stops, fair saddle, dip under, long in head.

D30 U/5 Red Sow (1):

1. Sarah Bennett, nice H/E/E, fair top saddle, good under, nice stops.

D31 U/5 Black (1):

1. Luke Holmes, heavy cheeks, fair stops, uneven saddle.

2. No award

D35 U/5 Golden Agouti (1):

1. Lyvennet, nice colour, H/E/E, slipped saddle, long stops.

D38 U/5 Chocolate Agouti (1):

1. Luke Holmes, good saddle top and under, heavy cheeks, toe stops, catch to mouth, nice stops.

D40 U/5 Red Challenge (3):

1. Sarah Bennett

2. Sarah Bennett

3. Sarah Bennett

D41 U/5 AOC Challenge (4):

1. Luke Holmes

2. Luke Holmes

3. Lyvennet

D42 U/5 AC Challenge (7):

1. Sarah Bennett, Red.

2. Sarah Bennett, Red.

3. Sarah Bennett, Red.

D43 Junior Adult (2):

1. Tegan Hogan (3rd Red Boar)

2. Imogen Bell (3rd Black) 

D44 Junior 5-8 (1):

1. Tegan Hogan (3rd Red sow)

D46 Junior Grand Challenge AA (3):

1. Tegan Hogan

2. Imogen Bell

3. Tegan Hogan

D47 Grand Challenge (39):

1. Sarah Bennett (5-8 Chocolate Agouti)

2. Alan Wilson (5-8 Red)

3. Luke Holmes (Adult Black)

4. Luke Holmes (Adult Chocolate)

D50 MEM Newcomers Class:

1. Tegan Hogan