DCC South West (B. Passmore Memorial) Show

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Show - 10th June 2017

Judge: Allan Trigg


As someone that knew Brian Passmore from many years back, I found it an honour to officiate at the South West Memorial Show in his memory. He was the first South West Area Secretary for the DCC and it was he that initiated the annual newsletter. His stud of Red Dutch were as good as any in the country and it was gratifying to know that his line can still produce tidy exhibits now that Heale & Davies are custodians (albeit via Alison) of the "Trevarno" stock.

Only 20 Dutch entered today and that is disappointing but, recently, lower entries seem to be something of an unfortunate trend. Hopefully, things will improve later in the year. Finally, one should not forget all the work necessary to organise a show as big as this three day event. Thank you Wilmot for all your hard work.

RED DUTCH ADULT BOAR (3) 1. Heale & Davies. Sound ears. Quite good cheeks if one a little untidy and rather full.  Quite good saddle and undercut. Short one stop. A useful pig of nice colour. 2. Sarah Bennett, Little heavy cheek with slight drag, sound ears, nice blaze. Slight skew (cut away) saddle. Fair undercut, short toe stops. 3. Tegan Hogan. Quite nicely marked all round but odd stops and fair undercut. Pity a damaged nose (bare line) spoils today.

RED DUTCH ADULT SOW (1) 1. Sarah Bennett, nice cheeks, blaze and ears bar a little untidy/uneven cheek. Quite nice saddle and undercut with fair placement and cut. Level toe stops, Fair colour but otherwise a pleasing type.

BLACK DUTCH ADULT (2) 1. & 2. Luke Holmes. Sow, Sound ears, nice blaze, rather full one cheek if shapely. Would like a better saddle as inclined to wave and wander, nice undercut. Toe stops, An attractive exhibit with nice colour and coat, well shown. 2. Sow, Heavy cheeks, fair blaze, sound ears. Quite good saddle, nice undercut. Rather long one stop.

CHOCOLATE DUTCH ADULT (4) 1. Luke Holmes. Pleasing sow, quite good cheeks if a little odd. Sound ears. Nice cut to saddle and undercut. Good stops, Nice coat and condition. Best Dutch. 2. Heale & Davies. Well known boar. Sound ears. Quite good cheeks & blaze but heavy one cheek. Quite good saddle & undercut. Level toe stops. Beaten a little colour on flanks and length of stops. 3. Luke Holmes. Sow, Fair ears tipped and ragged edges, heavy cheeks. Nice saddle & undercut. Quite good stops but odd. A tad bare round vent. 4th Heale & Davies. Boar. Quite nicely marked bar fair undercut and very short one stop. Fair body & condition today.

CHALLENGE RED ADULT (4) 1. Heale & Davies, 2. & 3. Sarah Bennett 4th Tegan Hogan.

CHALLENGE AOC ADULT (6) 1., 2., 4th Luke Holmes 3. Heale & Davies.

CHALLENGE AC Adult (10) 1., 2. Luke Holmes 3. ,4th Heale & Davies.

RED BOAR 5/8 MTHS (2) 1. Sarah Bennett. Quite good cheeks & blaze, sound ears. Nice cut to saddle & undercut. Level toe stops. A pity about the drag on neck and a slight problem with colour that spoils an otherwise, useful, promising pig. Pen 145 absent.

RED SOW 5/8 MTHS (1) 1. Sarah Bennett. Quite good cheeks but a tipped ear. Saddle SFB with a run under, Odd stops with one very short. Fair colour.

BLACK 5/8 MTHS (1) Absent.

CHOCOLATE 5/8 MTHS(1) 1. Heale & Davies. Neat all round boar. Quite good cheeks. Nice saddle & undercut if SFB. Level toe stops.

GOLDEN AGOUTI 5/8MTHS (1) 1. Sarah Bennett. Sow, Sound ears, pigment to nose and cheeks into smellers. Fair blaze. Broken coat on saddle lends itself to raggedness. Nice stops. Very much a supporting, sporting entry and thank you.

CHALLENGE RED 5/8 MONTHS (3) 1., 2. Sarah Bennett. Pen 145 absent.

CHALLENGE AOC 5/8 MTHS (3) 1. Heale & Davies 2. Sarah Bennett Pen 50 absent

CHALLENGE AC 5/8 MTHS (6) 1. Heale & Davies. 2. 3., 4th Sarah Bennett.

RED BOAR U/5 MTHS (2) 1. Heale & Davies. A promising youngster with a tendency to heaviness cheek, worst fault.  Sound ears, nice blaze and saddle. Level toe stops. 2. Sarah Bennett. Tested my generosity on age as rather young. Allowed to stay on the table but beaten age, saddle and undercut today.

RED SOW U/5 MTHS (1) 1. Sarah Bennett. Sound ears. Run to lower shoulder on cheek. Saddle SFB but nice undercut. Fair stops.

BLACK U/5 MTHS (1) 1. Tegan Hogan. A sweet little sow that unfortunately fails on head markings as the cheeks run to smellers with the blaze profile broken. Sound ears and nice else. Best Juvenile.

CHALLENGE RED U/5 MTHS (3) 1. Heale & Davies 2., 3. Sarah Bennett

CHALLENGE AOC U/5 MTHS (1) 1. Tegan Hogan

CHALLENGE AC U/5 MTHS (4) 1. Heale & Davies. 2., 3. Sarah Bennett 4th Tegan Hogan.

JUVENILE CHALLENGE AA (3) 1., 2. Tegan Hogan Pen 145 absent.

GRAND CHALLENGE AC AA (20) 1. Luke Holmes. Adult Chocolate. 2. Heale & Davies 5/8 mths Chocolate. 3. Heale & Davies u/5 mths Red. 4th Luke Holmes Adult Black.

BOAR AC AA (11) 1. Heale & Davies.

SOW AC AA (9)1. Luke Holmes.


NEWCOMERS CLASS AC AA (2) 1., 2. Tegan Hogan.

 BIS: Luke Holmes' Chocolate Sow 'Holly' 

 BIS Line up

1. Luke Holmes Choc Adult

2. Heale & Davies' Choc 5-8  

3. Heale & Davies' Red U/5 

4. Luke Holmes' Black Adult  

 Best 5-8 & 2nd BIS: Heale & Davies' Choc 

 Best U/5 & 3rd BIS: Heale & Davies' Red Boar 

 Best Juvenile: Tegan Hodgan's Black U/5 

 Judge: Allan Trigg

 Sarah Bennett with hidden judge Allan Trigg!!