2019 Show Schedule


Entry Fee: £1.00 Block Entry All Relevant Classes. Juvenile Classes Only - Free

Classification: Boar or Sow unless stated otherwise

NPM - Rosettes Best Boar, Best Sow, Best Juvenile, Best Newcomer and Best of Each Colour

N.B. It is recommended that u/5 mths exhibits be at least 12 weeks old

PLEASE NOTE as of the 1st January 2017 all colours of Self and Agouti Dutch can be shown (excluding D.E. Golden and Self White)


5/8 months

u/5 months

D1 Red Boar

D15 Red Boar

D29 Red Boar

D2 Red Sow

D16 Red Sow

D30 Red Sow

D3 Black

D17 Black

D31 Black

D4 Chocolate

D18 Chocolate

D32 Chocolate

D5 Cream

D19 Cream

D33 Cream

D6 Cinnamon Agouti

D20 Cinnamon Agouti

D34 Cinnamon Agouti

D7 Golden Agouti

D21 Golden Agouti

D35 Golden Agouti

D8 Silver Agouti

D22 Silver Agouti

D36 Silver Agouti

D9 Cream Agouti

D23 Cream Agouti

D37 Cream Agouti

D10 Chocolate Agouti

D24 Chocolate Agouti

D38 Chocolate Agouti

D11 A.O.C. Self or Agouti

D25 A.O.C. Self or Agouti

D39 A.O.C. Self or Agouti

D12 Challenge Red

D26 Challenge Red

D40 Challenge Red

D13 Challenge A.O.C

D27 Challenge A.O.C.

D41 Challenge A.O.C.

D14 Challenge A.C.

D28 Challenge A.C.

D42 Challenge A.C.


D43 A.C. Adult

D44 A.C. 5/8mth

D45 A.C. u/5mth

D46 Challenge A.C. A.A.


D47 Grand Challenge A.C. A.A.

D48 Boar A.C AA

D49 Sow A.C. AA

D50 The Margaret Elward Newcomers Class A.C. A.A. (Members, who first joined during  2017, 2018, 2019 eligible

D51 New Colour (Guide Standard or New & Emerging) A.A. (Not to be duplicated)