DCC Northern Area Stock Show (Worth Valley)


Judge  Chris Pearson

BIS: Alan Wilson’s Red Adult Sow  ‘Ice Age’ 

D1 Red Adult Boar (1): 1st Harold Laycock, nice all round, even stops, little untidy on top saddle, good under. 

D2 Red Adult Sow (1): 1st Alan Wilson, another nice all round pig, very fit, good length stops though a little odd, BIS. 2nd Harold Laycock, good all round, out under. 

D3 Black Adult (2): 1st & 2nd Malcolm Atkinson. 1. Quite nice cheeks, good saddle and under, even toe stops beat its stable mate. 2. Far cheeks, saddle and under, odd stops.

D5 Cream Adult (1): 1st Alan Wilson, odd cheeks, fair saddle, toe stops. 

D8 Golden Agouti Adult (1): 1st Kim Holmes, heavy balanced cheeks, fair saddle and under, good stops. 

D12 Adult Red Challenge (3): 1. Alan Wilson, 2. Harold Laycock, 3. Harold Laycock. 

D13 Adult AOC Challenge (4): 1. Malcolm Atkinson, 2. Kim Holmes, 3. Malcolm Atkinson.

D14 Adult Challenge AC (7): 1. Alan Wilson, 2. Harold Laycock, 3. Malcolm Atkinson, 4. Kim Holmes.


D15 5/8 Red Boar (2): 1st Ken Yates, little odd cheeks, good saddle and under, quite nice stops. 2nd Alan Wilson, little odd cheeks, odd stops, fair saddle and under; good coloured pigs. 

D16 5/8 Red Sow (3): 1st Katie Bingham, good saddle, odd stops, untidy cheeks spoil. 2nd Alan Wilson, fair cheeks, even stops, out saddle, but great colour. 3rd Alan Wilson, quite nice cheeks, fair under, out saddle, odd stops. 

D26 5/8 Red Challenge (5): 1. Ken Yates  Boar, 2. Alan Wilson  Boar, 3. Katie Bingham  Sow, 4. Alan Wilson  Sow. 

D28 5/8 Challenge AC (5): 1. Ken Yates  Red Boar, 2. Alan Wilson  Red Boar, 3. Katie Bingham  Red Sow, 4. Alan Wilson  Red Sow.


D29 U/5 Red Boar (2): 1st Harold Laycock, nice all round, odd stops, nice pig. 2. Ken Yates, quite nice cheeks and saddle, toe stops.

D30 Red Sow (2): 1st Alan Wilson, fair saddle, under and stops, runs heavy one cheek. 2nd Harold Laycock, fair cheeks, saddle, stops, out under. 

D40 U/5 Red Challenge (4): 1. Harold Laycock  boar, 2. Ken Yates  boar, 3. Alan Wilson - sow, 4. Harold Laycock  sow. 

D42 U/5 Challenge AC (4): 1. Harold Laycock  Red boar, 2. Ken Yates  Red boar, 3. Alan Wilson  Red sow, 4. Harold Laycock  Red sow.


D46 Juvenile Grand Challenge AA (1): Katie Bingham  5/8 Red Sow, please see open report. 

D47 Grand Challenge AC AA (16): 

1st Alan Wilson - Adult Red Sow 

2nd Harold Laycock - Adult Red Boar

3rd Harold Laycock - U/5 Red Boar

4th Malcolm Atkinson - Adult Black Sow 


D48 Boar AC AA: 

1st Harold Laycock - Adult Red Boar

2nd Harold Laycock - U/5 Red Boar

3rd Ken Yates - 5/8 Red Boar

4th Ken Yates - U/5 Red Boar


D49 Sow AC AA:

1st Alan Wilson - Adult Red 

2nd Malcolm Atkinson - Adult Black

3rd Kim Holmes - Adult Golden Agouti 

4th Katie Bingham - 5/8 Red