Dutch Cavy Club 


Northern Area Stock Show


Exhibits: 15


BIS: Chris Pearson's Adult Red ‘Harold’


Judge Amy Heale writes 'Only a small entry of Dutch, but what they lacked in quantity they made up in quality. My best two pigs were Chris Pearson's stunning adult Reds, a pleasure to handle such quality pigs shown in top condition. A well deserved 3rd BIS went to juvenile member Katie Bingham.


Adult Challenge AC: 1. 2. & 3. Chris Pearson. 1. Red Boar, excels size and condition, well shown, nice blaze, cheeks, saddle and colour, very slight dip under, nice but very slightly odd cheeks, a pleasure to handle and give BIS. 2. Red Sow, excellent condition, well shown, very pretty, nice colour, saddle and undercut, very very slight uneven cheeks, slight odd stops, another top quality pig who very closely followed her stable mate. 3. Red Sow, young adult, nice colour, blaze and saddle, even toe stops, slightly uneven cheeks, very slightly out under, 4th BIS. 


Best 5/8, Best Juvenile and Newcomer went to Katie Bingham's pretty Red Sow, nice saddle and blaze, very slightly uneven cheeks, very slightly out under, slightly uneven stops, a worth 3rd BIS, well done Katie.


Best U/5 went to Roy Wearmouth's Black, nice blaze, even cheeks, fairly good saddle and under, even toe stops, a promising marked youngster, just needs to fill out.' 



Chris Pearson's

Red Boar