DATE: 06/04/2013

SHOW: Worth Valley  Northern Spring stock show

JUDGE:  Malcolm Aktinson

D1 Red Boar Adult (3): 1st K. Hopkins, B.I.S wins on overall balance, good colour, even stops, balanced cheeks  just a shade heavy, fair saddle cut, slight dip under. 2nd C. Pearson, Big fit pig, well shown, very good saddle and under, balanced but heavy cheeks, short on one stop. 3rd H. Laycock, even cheeks, fair saddle and under, flesh ear, odd stops spoil.

D2 Red Sow Adult (2): 1st A. Wilson, good colour, short but even stops, heavy cheeks but balanced, out under. 2nd L & P Cavies, nice cheeks, out under, good stops but white hairs in hock and flesh tip on ear.

D3 Black Adult (2): 1st B. Leiper, shade heavy on cheeks, fair saddle top, uneven under, good stops but white hairs in hock. 2nd N/A, side whisker.

D4 Chocolate Adult (1): 1st K. Binks, good saddle on top and fair under, short but even stops, light one cheek and slight drag to neck.

D5 Cream Adult (2): 1st A. Wilson, nice pig, lovely colour, good cheeks, short stops, good top but dip under, flesh ear spoils. 2nd A. Wilson, nice stops and saddle, but out under, heavy on cheek.

D8 Golden Agouti Adult (3): 1st K. Holmes, good colour, with short even stops, fair saddle top cut out under, shade heavy one cheek, drag to neck. 2nd K. Holmes, good saddle top but dip under, heavy cheeks, even stops but white hairs to hock. 3rd N/A, No stops.

D12 Challenge Red Adult (5): 1st K. Hopkins, 2nd C. Pearson,3rd  A. Wilson.

D13 Challenge A.O.C Adult (8): 1st K Holmes, 2nd A. Wilson, 3rd K. Binks.

D14 Challenge A.C. Adult (13): 1st K. Hopkins, 2nd C. Pearson, 3rd K Holmes.

D15 Red Boar 5/8 (2): S. Stribley, balanced pig, little uneven saddle top and under, toe stops, one cheek runs to mouth. 2nd K. Hopkins, good colour, balanced but heavy cheeks, nice top step under, short one stop, choc hairs.

D17 Black 5/8 (1): B Leiper, good stops, saddle and under but saddle a bit far back, odd cheeks and runs to mouth.

D22 Golden Agouti 5/8 (1): 1st N/A, stop to hock.

D26 Challenge Red 5/8 (2): 1st S. Stribley, 2nd K. Hopkins.

D27 Challenge A.O.C. 5/8 (2): 1st B. Leiper.

D28 Challenge A.C. 5/8 (4): 1st S. Stribley, 2nd B Leiper, 3rd K. Hopkins.

D29 Red Boar U/5 (1): 1st K. Hopkins, short even stops, fair top dip under, heavy cheek, drag to neck.

D30 Red Sow U/5 (2): 1st A. Wilson, nice coat and colour, balanced cheeks, good saddle top dip under, shade odd stops.

D40 Challenge Red U/5 (3): 1st A. Wilson, 2nd K. Hopkins.

D42 Challenge A.C. U/5 (3) 1st A. Wilson,  2nd K. Hopkins.

D47 Grand Challenge A.C. A.A. (19): 1st K. Hopkins, 2nd C. Pearson, 3rd A Wilson.

D48 Boar A.C A.A. (8): 1st K. Hopkins, 2nd C. Pearson, 3rd S. Stribley.

D49 Sow A.C. A.A. (11): 1st A. Wilson, 2nd A. Wilson, 3rd A. Wilson.

D50 Margaret Elward Newcomers Class A.C. A.A. (1) 1st K. Binks.