Northern Area Stock Show

Date: 8th April 2017

Venue: Yorkshire cavy Club

Judge: Alan Wilson

BIS: Chris Pearson's Adult Red sow ‘Bronte'

  ‘Today's BIS was a stomping adult Red sow bred by Chris Pearson. This outstanding pig really performed today showing off her best attributes in markings condition and posture, when on the show bench. The adult Red classes were particularly tough but once she had won these pulled away, her destiny was BIS. Despite facing other formidable exhibits she was the outstanding pig. Well Done Chris. I would also like to mention Andrea Gallagher's two fine under five month old pigs which were very well balanced and one runner up to the BIS. Well done Andrea, keep at it!

    Although a low entry, the quality of stock on display for a Spring show was good and some hard thinking and pernickety observations were needed. Well done all exhibitors.

  Great show in sunny Keighley, friendly and well organised. Thanks to Mike Bebbington for doing a thorough and legible job on book stewarding and for the cheerful and attentive stewards.'

D1 Red Adult Boar: 1. Chris Pearson, Excellent blaze, cheeks, ears, ears sound / fallen, great saddle and under. Perfect stops and a very nice pig indeed. Coat was flaky and that held him back today. 2. Katie Bingham, Nice blaze, heavy cheeked leading to slight drag but balanced. Slightly skew saddle, long in coat. Ears a bit high but sound. 

D2 Red Adult Sow: 1. Chris Pearson, Excellent blaze, cheeks, ears, great ears, good saddle and slight dip under. Well defined but uneven stops. Minor flesh tip on one ear but not obvious.  Shown great condition and colour. Bright and alert, a very healthy and happy exhibit 

D3 Black Adult B/S: 1. Katie Bingham, Very good blaze, but cheeks uneven. High ears and skew saddle. One short stop and one very long stop to hock. 2. NA. Wide blazé with uneven cheeks.  High ears but nice high saddle with slight skew. Slight flesh ear. One stop over the hock and one only just hairs.

D4 Chocolate Adult B/S: 1. Heale & Davies, Excellent blaze very good cheeks but a little heavy one side. Saddle on the low side with short even stops. Shown in very good condition. 2. Heale & Davies, Very good blaze and cheeks. Ears slightly high. Good saddle and under but slightly low. Uneven short stops.

D12 Challenge Red Adult B/S: 1. Chris Pearson, 2. Chris Pearson, 3. K Bingham

D13 Challenge AOC Adult: 1. Heale and Davies, 2. Heale and Davies, 3. K Bingham

D14 Challenge Adult AC B /S: 1. Chris Pearson, 2. Heale & Davies, 3. Chris Pearson, 4. Heale & Davies

D15 Red 5-8 Boar: 1. Heale and Davies, Fair blaze with slight indentation. Even face and cheeks with good sound ears. Slightly low saddle and dip under. Short odd stops Nice coat, well-groomed and with good sound shoulders. Up to age. 2. A Evison, Fair blaze but one cheek not sound. Good saddle and under. 

D16 Red 5-8 Sow: 1. J Evison, Good blaze, cheeks but a run to mouth under. Cheeks heavy almost to a drag but even. Nice ears if a bit high. Fit pig. Slightly short stops but even.

D17 Black 5-8 B/S: 1. Roy Wearmouth, Very short eve stops. Fair blaze and uneven cheeks. Fair ears but perfect saddle and under. 2. Mike Bebbington, Fair cheeks that cut away. Good ears, good saddle and under. Odd shortish stops. Nice coat. 3. DQ, Black toenail.

D21 Golden Agouti 5-8 B/S: 1. K Holmes, Uneven cheeks high ears with slightly skew saddle. Heavy cheeks almost to a drag one side. Nice to see the agouti on the table.

D26 Challenge Red 5-8: 1. J Evison, 2. Heale & Davies, 3. A Evison

D27 Challenge AOC 5-8: 1. R Wearmouth, 2. M Bebbington, 3. K Holmes

D28 Challenge AC 5-8: 1. J Evison, 2. Heale & Davies, 3. R Wearmouth, 4. M Bebbington

D30 Red U/5 Sow: 1&2 A Gallagher. 1. Good colour, uneven but fair stops. Excellent wide face blaze and cheeks touch uneven. Excellent ears saddle and under with dip. Great type. 2. Perfect blaze with very good face and cheeks. Good ears, (flesh tip) face saddle but a bit uneven under. Short uneven stops.

D42 Chocolate U/5 B/S: 1. Heale and Davies, Nice blaze uneven cheeks good ears good saddle and under. Very short toe stops    

D40 Challenge Red U/5 B/S: 1&2 Andrea Gallagher

D41 Challenge AOC U/5 B/S: 1. Heale and Davies

D42 Challenge U/5 AC B/S: 1. A Gallagher, 2. A Gallagher, 3. Heale and Davies

D43 Juv AD B/S: 1& 2 Katie Bingham

D44 Juv 5/8 B/S: 1. A Evison

D46 Juv Challenge AA B/S: 1. K Bingham, 2. A Evison, 3. K Bingham

D47 Grand Chall AA (19): 1. C Pearson (Red Ad), 2. A Gallagher (Red U/5), 3. A Gallagher (Red U/5), 4. J Evison (Red 5-8).

D48 Best Boar: 1. Heale & Davies

D49 Best Sow: 1. Chris Pearson

D50 Margaret Elward Newcomers: 1. A Gallagher, 2. A Gallagher, 3. J Evison, 4. A Evison



 Judge Alan Wilson 

 BIS - Chris Pearson

BIS - Chris Pearson

4th BIS & Best 5-8 - J. Evison

2nd BIS & Best New Comer - Andrea Gallagher U/5

Best Juvenile - Katie Bingham

 Allan Trigg with his presidents medal