April 2009

More news from the USA

The following update was received by Chris Peachey from Nancy Laity, the Dutch breeder in the US who has been corresponding with us.

This weekend is the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA) Specialty show in Pennsylvania.  It is the biggest national show sponsored by ACBA.  Everyone who is going will be busy with getting there this week, which is also Easter.  I don't expect anyone to take care of this until after the show.  Our national convention is part of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) convention, because cavies are a specialty club of ARBA.  Both shows are held around the country in different regions each year and the big breeders attend them, plus the smaller breeders in the local region when those shows come to them.  I suppose I could go if I wanted to, but it would cost me somewhere around 1500-2000 pounds, and that isn't the way I want to spend my money. Actually, I think I could fly over to England to buy some nice Dutch pigs cheaper than I could attend one of the big shows. I've considered doing that in the future, and maybe Ron Smelt would like to come with me. Sorry to hear that you didn't get any nicely marked pups in your 2 litters.  Since I don't have a good Dutch line and am still forced to breed mismarked Dutch, I get a lot of very cute pet shop pups. Now that I have decided to stop breeding Tort/Whites, I have had 3 litters born and out of that 3 keepers, which I will force myself to sell.  One is a showable Chocolate/Red/White marked boar pup.  My friend in Utah has been trying to raise that color for many years without much success, so I guess this is lucky for him.  I have some chocolate carrier TSWs that he can also have. I really have to get my numbers down before I can consider buying more Dutch. Recently I made an email connection with Margaret Stockwell in New Zealand. She is a judge and excellent Dutch breeder.  Her Thomstock Dutch are famous down under, though she has had to cut back breeding for health reasons, and she has taken on trying to improve Abyssinians in NZ which were falling down badly.  She joined our Dutch message group and I expect to have some good discussions with her on board.  I hope you will join the group, as it will keep you informed about what we are doing in the US and hopefully in other countries too.  Lynne and Gary from DCC have joined.  It is at http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/DutchGuineaPigs/  Best Regards, Nancy

US_friends.jpg Nancy (2nd from left) and judge Ron Smelt (in blue)



Black Dutch for Germany

The following email was received from a breeder in Germany looking for Black Dutch: 

Dear members of the dutch cavy club,


my name ist Claudia Gumley from Berlin in Germany. I'm breeding US-Teddys (don't know how you call them). You find me here




Chris Peachey tell me to contact you. I'm looking for black dutches since a long time. Finally you can't find them in germany or the netherlands. I'm really happy to find your homepage in the www. I hope that you can help me. I'm searching a little group to (re)start breeding them in gemany. I didn't think about the details at the moment but I'm sure that I will find a way to get them to germany.


I'm looking for dutches in black and/or goldagouti which reach the standard as good as possible. I'll breed them by themeselves and also mix them with my Teddys in black/white to get the marks to them. Hope you understand what I mean, cause my english (specially the words for breeding) is not really good. They should be breeded only by black an goldagouti (no lilac or other light colours).


I will be glad if some of you can help me to get a really fine group of them.

 greeetings from Berlin