December 2008

Joan Radeglia


I had just returned home from a visit to Cornwall for Christmas to receive a phone call from Mr Fred Holmes advising me that Miss Joan Radeglia had died that morning (29th December) at the Cedar Lodge Nursing Home in Camberley Surrey   what a way to end a year with such sad news.

I will never forget her she was the judge that would always get me to do her judging book. I only had to walk into the hall and she would be there get your pigs in and then you are doing my books it was never would you mind but then I would not have anyway. I leant so much from her in those days. It was Joan who pushed me accept a nomination from her to put my name forward for the SCC judging panel back in the mid 70s as well as the SCC Executive and to my surprise I was elected. 

My first judging engagement was at the Salisbury venue of the old SSBCC with Joan along with Mrs Pam Hillier as my co judges. What a baptism of fire I had that day.  I can remember putting up a Black Himalayan from a Mr Buse from Bude in Cornwall with much trepidation only to see them both agreeing to it going third best is in show. 

My next judging commitment was at Dorking where Joan's brother Peter attended and Joan did my books for me that time. I don't know what was worse her doing the books or me judging. It was a good show and after she said 'you did well' that meant so much to me for my mentor to think I had done OK.  It was not only I that she encouraged but also my late husband with his Smooth Tortoise and White cavies.  Never give up it will happen one day you will beat the 'big boys' and he did.

Joan like her friend the late president of the Dutch Cavy Club Mrs Margerate Elward were a fountain of knowledge about cavies and it is to both these ladies that I owe so much to in teaching me how to judge and enjoy a hobby and now the fancy has lost two very inportant fanciers not only in the Cavy world but also in the Rabbit fancy.
The fancy will be a much poorer place without both Joan and Margerate.

Chris Peachey

Joan Radeglia   DCC Member

On 29th December, Fred Holmes phoned DCC secretary, Chris Peachey to convey the sad news that Joan Radeglia had passed away that morning. Although never an active exhibitor of Dutch, she had been a member of the Club for many years and, in earlier times, had been a committee member and, in particular, a great support to her friend and our past president, Margaret Elward whenever problems over Southern Area issues arose. Thankfully, these are now very much concerns of the past.

Although she had not been a panel judge in recent years, during the 1986 ballot she shared the top position on the judging panel and in 1977 she officiated at the Club's stock show in Chadwell St. Mary, Essex that drew what is thought to be the largest Dutch entry (84) ever received.

As the strength of the membership and the overall management of Club affairs improved, she very graciously withdrew from all positions stating that she was no longer needed and that there were plenty of Dutch fanciers deserving to hold these offices. Joan, as always, had done her bit for the Fancy in so many ways.

Dutch Cavy Club Executive

Footnote from Allan Trigg.

Since submitting this tribute to Cavies Magazine (where the record Dutch entry is stated as 90 plus) I have had the opportunity to look through a boxful of old Fur & Feather magazines and cuttings. As a result, I have discovered the relevant club notes from Mrs Maureen Cranfield (E.C.S. Secretary) that states: -

 We entertained the Dutch Cavy Club and combined Southern Area Cavy Club with entries of eighty-four cavies. I understand this is the largest entry they have ever received. Congratulations to Mr J. Tenner who won best in show Dutch Cavy Club and to Mrs Elward for winning best in show Southern Area Dutch Cavy Club. 

However, I now realise that the DCCs record turnout is actually the entry of 86 Dutch that awaited judge, Malcolm Atkinson for the Centenary Show at Norton Lindsey in 2005. That is, of course, unless someone else knows different!!