March 2009

More Dutch in the USA!

The following email was received by Chris Peachey from a Dutch breeder in the US. She is looking to make contact with Dutch breeders in the UK who would be willing to share their knowledge and help her to improve the breed in the US. Please read her email below. If anyone would be interested in making contact, her details are at the end of the email.

"I am a Dutch breeder in the United States. I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, the new home of the London Bridge.  I am interested in joining your club and hopefully corresponding my email with Dutch breeders in the UK. I am not sure how to go about sending the membership fee.  I looked up the exchange rate of dollars to pounds, but how do I send it in? 

There are only 4-5 Dutch breeders in the United States that are actively breeding and have more than a few Dutch. I have a total herd of 65, of which 30 are Dutch which I have been raising for around 4 years. The largest breeder of Dutch in the US is Mr. Ron Smelt, a cavy judge who lives near Los Angeles, California.  He has been raising red Dutch for around 30 years.  I also raise red Dutch, but recently introduced the agouti gene into my herd.  I get a few showables in my litters from time to time, but in general, the quality of their markings is badly faulted compared to photos of Dutch I have seen from the UK and Australia.  Ron gets a few more showables than I do.  I think the primarly problem is that we have such small numbers born here, that we do not have a well-established gene pool. In the past, the US Dutch breeders didn't make much of an effort to encourage new breeders to take on the Dutch variety because they felt that it is too difficult to get showables, and fanciers would get discouraged.  This year Ron and I are making more of an effort to increase the US interest in Dutch.  

I read in your January Newsletter that Tammy from Michigan requested information about Dutch in the US.  Both Ron and I wrote to her, however we have not gotten replies.  Two other Dutch breeders in the US are in Michigan and Chicago IL which is close to Michigan, so if Tammy wants to get Dutch cavies, we have given her references in her area. 

If there are any members who would be interested in writing to me about breeding Dutch and improving my breeding practices, I would be pleased to correspond by email or letter. I am a retired school teacher and have a good background in genetics so I can understand fairly technical information. 


Nancy Laity

Blue Water Cavies
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA

Invite from our friends in the US to join their Dutch breeders' forum

Our small, but determined, group of Dutch breeders in the US has started a new Yahoo message group so that we can chat with each other about Dutch pigs. We would love to have members of DCC join the group.  I am sure we can learn something from those of you who have been successful raising showable Dutch in the UK, and it would be fun to talk to your members to hear about your shows and what you are doing with your Dutch pigs.  The Yahoo website for the group is