October 2009

Pauline Avery

It came as something of a shock to learn that Pauline had passed away after a recent operation that had resulted in complications. Who will now take on the responsibility of National Cavy Club secretary; a position that she has held since the turn of the century and one that she did most conscientiously whatever the problems encountered.

Because we lived at opposite ends of the country, most of my contact with Pauline was by email and phone call although I do recall stewarding the R.V. classes with her at a Northampton Town Show. Sylvia Seaborne was the judge and I guess that must have been some time in the 1980s. In the past, she was a great communicator with the DCC�s past president, Margaret Elward. Both were very keen on promoting the NCC in the South (often seen as a northern club by some) and much was done at the Kent Cavy Club�s Higham venue with club literature often on view.

She was a long time breeder of Self Chocolates with her experiences coherently shared with everyone in the second edition of the N.C.C. Guide Book, revised by John Day in 1984. In those days, I see from her advert that she also kept Self Blacks and Goldens but, in more recent years, it was Satins, White/Lilac Argente and Chocolate Fox cavies that shared the shed with her Chocolates. All shown were with a good amount of success. In fact, she won with both Argentes and Satins at this year�s N.C.C. Championship Show with her Satin making the B.I.S. line up.

On behalf of the Dutch Cavy Club, I offer sincere condolences to her husband and immediate family. She will be sadly missed.


D.C.C. President

U.S.A. Visitors at D.C.C. Margaret Elward Show

Norton Lindsey was the centre of attraction for Dutch cavy fanciers on Saturday, 3rd October 2009, not only for U.K. fans but also three U.S.A. fanciers; Nancy Laity of Arizona and Bob and Caroline Lewis of Chicago to be precise.

Margaret_Elward_Show_3_Oct_09_US_guests.JPGWhilst Bob and Caroline Lewis were this side of the world visiting several parts of the British Isles and had combined their trip with a visit to the D.C.C. Margaret Elward Memorial Show; Nancy had made specific plans to visit the show and collect several Dutch for importing into the States. The breed is very much a minority one over there, being in only a few hands and Nancy is hopeful that the influx of new blood will help to induce more interest in Dutch.

That said, I have been impressed by the quality and type of some of the Dutch that have been forwarded via email photos. Also, Bob and Caroline showed me a line up of their Dutch in a variety of colours and the Silver Agouti Dutch were quite commendable and appeared to be of good size, shape and substance compared with their U.K. counterparts. I was also very intrigued to see some useful Lilac Dutch in the group although the colour has now been discontinued by Bob and Caroline due to a standard change by their ruling body, A.R.B.A. Inc. It is now required that Lilac Dutch should have pink eyes and their stock carried dark eyes. Fair comment and quite correct but the darker eye looked more appealing to yours truly and, in this country, could have been encouraged in the guise of Slate Dutch.

During recent months, Nancy has been in regular contact with Chris Peachey, myself and various other D.C.C members and, as a result, she has amassed the required nucleus of stock in most of the standardised colours for importing back home. She told me that they already have Lemon Agouti Dutch in the States but when comparing them with the range of U.K. Agouti colours, they were more compatible to our Cream Agouti - top colour-wise at least. Also, I understand that, in America, plans are afoot to standardise a Golden Dutch that is likely to be more akin to our Saffron in colour. This side of 'The Pond', I fear they might just be deemed light coloured Reds (unless eye colour is a deciding factor) as shades in some studs can vary so much. Poor coloured Red is not to be condoned or encouraged of course.

I hope that the stock supplied will be a good advert for the U.K fancy and that Nancy and her band of U.S.A. Dutch fanatics do well in the coming months. Hopefully, their breeding operations will produce some good results and even that dreamed of 'flyer'.

Finally, I must thank Nancy for the rosettes and other gifts that she so kindly brought with her. I had seen photos of the rosettes prior to the show but they didn't do the awards full justice. They carried the four colours of the Arizona flag and I'm sure that everyone that was fortunate to win them, was delighted to have won them. They were indeed special. Margaret_Elward_Show_3_Oct_09_BIS_US_Rosette_presentation.JPG



D.C.C. President


FOOTNOTE: Email received 9th November reads:

... By the way the Red Dutch sow that Nancy Laity brought back from England won best Dutch.

Beat me out at the ARBA Nationals in Del Mar CA.


Ron Smelt




(These results come into force as from 1st Jan 2010)

Ballot Papers sent out 62

Ballot Papers returned 37 (59.7% return)


President: Mr Allan Trigg unopposed

Chairman:   Mr G Godfrey unopposed 

Vice Chairman:  Mr S Inch unopposed

Secretary/treasurer: Mrs C Peachey unopposed

BCC Rep:    Mr Allan Trigg unopposed

BCC Vice Rep:  Mr G Godfrey unopposed



Vice President: Elected - Mrs Kim Holmes 20

  Not Elected - Mr H Laycock 6, Mr V Murray 1


Committee (9 required)

Elected  Mrs S Stribley 29, Mrs M Coomber 29, Mr A Wilson 28, Mrs W Goldsworthy 23, Mr B Leiper 20, Mr K Lidbetter 17, Mr G Clarke 16, Mrs M McKay 13, Mrs J Davies 12

Not Elected Mrs L Regan 10 Mrs J Harding 9



Judging Panel (16 Required)

Elected  Mr S Inch 32, Mr M Atkinson 29, Mrs M Coomber 28, Miss A Heale 26, Mrs K Holmes 25, Mrs C Peachey 24, Mr B Leiper 22, Mr K Lidbetter 22, Mrs W Goldsworthy 22, Mr P Wardman 22, Mrs S Hearn 20, Mrs M Woodward 20, Mr A Wilson 19, Mr P Gammie 18, Mrs J Davies 16, Mr C Pearson 16.

Not Elected - Mr G Clarke 15, Mr B Cutting 14.


Area Judges (Venues and judges to be confirmed)


Northern Area  Mr B Leiper 8, Mr M Atkinson 7, Mrs K Holmes 4, Mr C Pearson 4, Mr A Trigg 3, Mr. S Inch 2, Mr P Gammie 1, Miss Amy Heale 1 Mrs C Peachey 1, Mr P Wardman 1, Mrs M Woodward. 


Southern Area - Mr A Trigg 4, Mrs Peachey 3, Mrs W Goldsworthy 3, Mrs M Woodward 3, Mr G Godfrey 3, Miss A Heale 3, Mrs M Coomber 2, Mrs J Davies 2, Mr S Inch 2, Mr K Lidbetter 2, Mr C Pearson 1, Mr A Wilson 1.


North East Area - Mr M Atkinson 6, Mr C Pearson 5, Mrs K Holmes 4, Mrs C Peachey 3, Mr K Lidbetter 2, Mr S Inch 1, Mrs S Hearn 1, Mr B Leiper 1, Mr P Wardman 1, Mrs J Davies1, Miss A Heale 1.


Midlands Area  Mr A Trigg 4, Mr P Gammie3, Mrs S Hearn 3, Mrs K Holmes 3, Mr M Atkinson 3, Miss A Heale 3, Mrs C Peachey 2, Mrs M Coomber 2, Mrs W Goldsworthy 2, Mr P Wardman 2, Mr G Godfrey 2, Mr K Lidbetter 1,

Mr A Wilson 1, Mr S Inch 1.


South West Area - Miss A Heale 7, Mr G Godfrey 6, Mrs S Hearn 4, Mrs W Goldsworthy 4, Mr S Inch 3, Mrs M Coomber 2, Mrs K Holmes 2, Mrs C Peachey 1, Mrs M Woodward 1. Mr K Lidbetter 1, Mr P Wardman 1.


Annual /YSS Show  Mr G Godfrey 8, Mr S Inch 6, Mr A Trigg 5, Miss A Heale 3, Mrs C Peachey 2, Mr K Lidbetter 2, Mrs M Woodward 2, Mrs M Coomber 1, Mrs J Davies 1, Mrs W Goldsworthy 1, Mr P Wardman 1.

Margaret Elward Show
  Mr S Inch 5, Mrs M Coomber 5, Mr A Trigg 5, Mr M Atkinson 2, Mrs K Holmes 2, Miss Amy Heale 2, Mr G Godfrey 1, Mrs J Davies 1, Mr P Gammie 1, Kr K Lidbetter 1, Mr A Wilson 1


Sincere thanks to the Scrutineer Mr Allan Cooper for once again returning the results within two days of the close of ballot  thankyou Allan