Welcome from the Dutch Cavy Club to our newest members . . . 

Since the website launched in January, we have had several new members join, including 5 new members in the United States. 

We would like to offer a warm welcome to:

Kevin Hopkins from Northampton (January)
Jessica and Nathan Evison from East Yorkshire (February)
David Wing from Bedfordshire (February)
Philip Jones from Mid Glamorgan (March)
Ronald Smelt from California USA ( May)
Caroline Lewis from Illinois USA (May)
Tamela Wyble from Arizona USA (May)
Nancy Laity from Arizona USA (May)
Kevin Burke from Iowa USA (May)

Karen Timothy and Jordan Marsh (May)

DCC Champion

I am pleased to advise that Tony and Lynne Regan (Palace Cavies) have registered their good Silver Agouti Dutch sow, "Nina" as a DCC champion. Included in the impressive list of wins is a Best in Show award at Kent Cavy Club's 2008 Margaret Elward Memorial Show under NCC judge Evelyne van Vliet. This was a most notable achievement; the first I can recall for a Silver Agouti Dutch. Well done and may this good sow continue with its winning ways.


DCC President

Emails from the USA

Chris has had a couple of emails from our new DCC members across the Pond. Nancy is hoping to visit us at the Margaret Elward show in October:

"Hello Chris,

 Recieved the package from DCC on 5/18/09 Thank you for the beautiful magnets.  Well today I had a major set back in my breeding progam of Dutch . My beautiful red self sow died and she was really close to delivering her pups she was bred to my showable dutch boar . I don't know if Nancy talked to you lately but she is planning a trip in Oct to get some pups from the club,  I was wondering if you would have any sow pups at that time for sale and if so how much?  Red is the main color I am looking for also a possible lilac boar pup would be nice if you know where I could get one .  I wrote Nick Warren but he has yet to get back with me,  I raise lilac Americans and I know I am starting the long was around.

Siscerely, Tamela Wyble"

 "Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for sending my club packet, which arrived yesterday afternoon. I love the patches, pin, and especially the extra magnets.  If the others knew how nice the magnets are, I know they would have wanted them too. Over here cavy refrigerator magnets are usually homemade and rather poor quality, but these are beautiful.  Since we, who raise Dutch, live far apart and rarely if ever meet at a show, except the National Convention and sometimes the National Specialty, I will suggest that we donate our rosettes to one of those shows, so that maybe we could give out a series such as Best Senior Dutch, Best Intermediate Dutch and Best Junior Dutch at the Convention this November.  Tamela, Ron and I will attend that show, so the 3 of us would each have a chance to win one.  I plan to have a nice display to promote Dutch pigs.  I have some good news.  One of my friends in the fancy, Roy Colver, is a long-time fancier and a very popular judge who lives in Washington state.  He developed the Teddy Satin breed and got it recognized for showing in the US.  Over the years we have talked about how much we both love the Dutch pattern, and when I asked him a week ago to join us, he said he would if he can get some stock from England to start his herd. He will be a huge boost to the popularity of the Dutch because he is an excellent breeder.  He is a math professor and one of the most intelligent people I know, which he is able to put to good use as a breeder.  It is nearly impossible to beat him with his Teddy Satins, even at the national level.  The joke is that the only way other people win with a Teddy Satin  is if Roy stays home

I sure want to thank you for helping us get our memberships in the DCC.  I really feel like I belong to something now instead of just being out here nearly by myself.  It gives me a lot more enthusiasm to promote the Dutch.   I think Dutch can regain the popularity that they once had in the US.  Best Regards,