Judge  Wilmot Goldsworthy




D1 RED BOAR - 1st - Sarah Stribley - Short even stops, flesh tip ear, good colour, slight dip under , slipped saddle.


D2 RED SOW - 1st - Amy Heale - Good saddle and under well balanced cheeks, good colour a very nice all-round balanced pig. 2nd - Amy Heale - Lacks prep, good stops, slightly odd cheeks and saddle slightly out good colour.


D3 BLACK - 1st - Brian Lieper - Lacks prep, heavy cheeks, excellent stops. 2nd - Brian Lieper - Lacks Prep, excellent stops, hairs over hock good under and saddle slight drag one cheek.


D4 CHOCOLATE - 1st - Amy Heale - Very fit, good balanced cheeks, slightly uneven stops, good saddle and under, balanced cheeks. 2nd - Amy Heale - Fit, uneven stops , good saddle and under, balanced cheeks. 3rd - Sarah Stribley - Thin patch under, lacks prep, heavy one cheek, good stops, saddle and under.


D7 CINNAMON AGOUTI - 1st - M Coomber - short even stops, flesh tip to both ears, very pale under, slipped saddle.


D8 GOLDEN AGOUTI - 1st - Sarah Stribley - Small Adult, lacks prep short even stops, slipped saddle, good under, heavy balanced cheeks.


D9 SILVER AGOUTI - 1st - M Coomber - Badly stained, run to mouth, good belly and under drags both cheeks.



1st - Amy Heale, 2nd - Amy Heale & 3rd Sarah Stribley



1st - Amy Heale (chocolate, 2nd - Amy Heale (chocolate), 3rd - Brian Lieper (Black) & 4th - Sarah Stribley (Golden Agouti)



1st - Amy Heale (Choc), 2nd - Amy Heale (Red), 3rd - Amy Heale (Choc) & 4th - Brian Lieper (Black)




D15 RED BOAR - 1st - Sarah Stribley - short even stops, good colour, one cheek to smeller, one short cheek, good high saddle, slight dip under, flesh tip ear.


D17 BLACK - 1st - Brian Lieper - fair stops heavy balanced cheeks, good blaze, saddle and under.


D18 CHOCOLATE - 1st Goyt Valley Cavies - Flesh tip ear, slipped saddle, out under.


D23 SILVER AGOUTI - 1st - Gary Clark - Good stops, and belly colour, slight drag to cheek good saddle and under.


D26 CHALLENGE RED  1st Sarah Stribley



1st - Brian Lieper (Black), 2 - Gary Clark & 3 - Goyt Valley Cavies


D28 CHALLENGE AC AV - as above




D29 RED BOAR - 1st - Sarah Stribley - very short but even stops, flesh tip ear, good saddle and under, slightly short one cheek, good colour.


D30 RED SOW - 1st - Sarah Stribley - flesh tip ear, out under, slipped saddle.


D39 CHOCOLATE AGOUTI - 1st - M Coomber - very wet under which spoilt an otherwise very good balanced pig, good short stops, saddle and under, excellent balanced cheeks.


D40 RED CHALLENGE  1st - Sarah Stribley (Boar) & 2nd - Sarah Stribley (Sow)


D41 CHALLENGE AOC  1st M Coomber (Choc Agouti)


D42 CHALLENGE AC AV  1st - M Coomber, 2 - Sarah Stribley (red Boar) & 3 Sarah Stribley (Red Sow)


D47 GRAND CHALLENGE 1st Amy Heale (Choc), 2nd Amy Heale (Red Sow), 3rd Brian Lieper (5/8 Black ) & 4th Gary Clark (5/8 Silver Agouti)